DO NOT Play These Scary Sleepover Games ...

DO NOT Play These Scary Sleepover Games ...

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Today I'm going to be talking about some paranormal sleepover games that you should NEVER play! Harmony Nice's Video: Her channel: My Vlog Channel: Younow: Spring Surprise Packs: PO BOX: #57012 Brampton, Ontario Canada L6Z 0E7 Shop My Merch: Vee Team Bracelets: Vlog Channel: Twitter: @JessiiVee ( ) Instagram: @jessiivee ( ) Snapchat: @jessiiveesnaps Facebook: Handwritten Letter From Me: Surprise Packs: Use my invite code, uberjessiivee, and get a free ride up to $25. Redeem it at:

Playing The Paranormal Microwave Game

Today I'm playing the paranormal microwave game... This might be the silliest ghost game I've every played... Click here to become an official channel member:

Why You Should NOT Search For Waldo

Today I'm going to be going into the history of the very famous books we all know and love....Where's Waldo. He has a much darker side than you think... Myster

Things Only Adults Notice In Monster House

We are continuing our series about movies! The first half of the video is about the movie "Monster House" and the second half is about the new "It" trailer! My

Please DO NOT Put These Paintings In Your House

Today's video is about haunted paintings from all over the world that you should not be putting up in your house for these reasons... The video I filmed on Dav

Revealing The Dark Secrets Toys R Us Is HIDING From You

Today's video is about all the strange secrets surrounding Toys R Us stores around the world.... Running With Violet Youtube Channel:

My Subscribers Drew Their Nightmares AGAIN (Part 2)

Since you guys loved part one so much, I decided to make a part two so more of you got a chance to send me your drawings! My Merch Website: https://jessiiveeme

DO NOT Let This Girl In Your Car

Today we are continuing the "It's Near You" series, we're covering all the places in Arkansas! My Vee Vlogs Channel:

The Stairs In The Woods Phenomenon Everyone Is Worried About

Today I'm telling you guys all about the stairs in the woods phenomenon that seems to be going around the internet as a viral story... NEW Glowing Aliens: http

DISTURBING Things We Found In Kids Shows!

My sister and I are talking about some creepy & disturbing things we found in kids shows we used to watch! Support Me On Patreon: My

The Creepiest 5 Word Stories

Here are some of the creepiest 5 word stories! New Moot Video: Christmas Surprise Pack: My Vlog Channel: h

Coraline Doors People Found In Real Life

Since you guys seem to love the movie Coraline so much, I thought I'd make a video showing you real life Coraline doors that people found! My Vee Vlogs Channel

Please DO NOT Use This Haunted Vending Machine

Today's video is about a very haunted vending machine that went missing....It's also about creepy vending machines around the world! My Vee Vlogs Channel: http

You Need To Hear Our Shocking Chuck E. Cheese Stories

Because we recently watched the Shane Dawson video, my sister and I decided to tell our childhood Chuck E. Cheese stories! My Vee Vlogs Channel: https://www.yo

YOU CANNOT Leave Your House On December 12th

Today's video is about all the Christmas legends and myths from around the world...Are you in the Christmas spirit yet?... Mystery Boxes: https://jessiiveemerc

Dolls That Should NEVER Have Been Sold In Toy Stores

Today's video is about dolls from all over the world that were a bit too strange to be sold in toy stores... Get your HD Mask Security Camera here: www.hdmask.

The Scariest (REAL) Furby Stories!

Today I'm reading some of the scariest furby stories on the internet! (Ignore the fact that I have a streak of lipstick on my tooth lol) My Vlog Channel: https

The Question You're Not Supposed To Ask Siri

Today's video is all about our phones and some of the questions you aren't suppose to ask Siri. Let's see what she says... Tickets for the Running With Violet

Storytime: The Homemade Ouija Board GONE WRONG! (Sub Story #1)

Today is the first day I'm telling some subscriber stories! I've chosen 3 that have to do with scary ouija board encounters. Thank you to Alexandria, Abbey, and
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