Lionel Messi ● Doing The Most Ridiculous Things Ever Seen in Football ► Is This Guy A Human? ||HD||

Lionel Messi ● Doing The Most Ridiculous Things Ever Seen in Football ► Is This Guy A Human? ||HD||

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Here it goes..... Compilation of the unbelievable things Messi has been doing. Leo Messi is appearing with trick after trick nowadays and showing what he is capable of. He is doing things that no one ever seen before, things that make people ask "Is Messi a human?!". This compilation features the most ridiculous skills of Leo Messi. Enjoy! Messi Tricks: Messi doing legendary things on the pitch ever since he started playing football. This is the boy who could beat 5-6 players when he was just 5 years of age. This is the young lad who scored 'Goal of The Century' at 19 year old. But Lionel Messi doesn't just do amazing things on the pitch. Perhaps, the most amazing things he did were not during regular matches. Maybe because he doesn't want to ruin team spirit by doing useless things individually. This is why he tried and pulled out some of the most weird things you will ever see during training sessions and TV shows. Some legendary incidents are: • Messi 1 Shot 2 Goals : Scored two goals from one shot in USA before Argentina-USA clash. When two teams were warming up Messi hit one ball with another with a shot and both ended up on the back of the net. • Messi Goal from Behind the Net : During his individual training for returning from injury (pre 2014 WC) Messi scored from the back of the net. • Messi Goal from Corner Kick : scored an impossible goal from corner on the back of the net for Eros Ramazzotti. Ramazzotti told Messi giving the ball in an impossible spot "Here, score" during his visit in a Barcelona training session. He knew scoring from there is impossible. But Messi's curve shot was already on the back of the net. • Messi Playing Basketball / Foot-Basket : Messi-Mascherano & Messi-Neymar-Mascherano heading the ball into the basket. Messi as the ultimate finisher. • Messi Crossbar Challenge : Hit the crossbar from corner kick. First try! • Messi Crossbar Challenge : During 2010-11 UEFA Champions League match against FC Copenhagen Messi hit the crossbar from 50 yards. First and only try! • Messi Impossible Free Kick Goal : Another impossible free kick goal for Addidas. • Messi Unbelievable Precision : Unreal precision from long distance in Addidas advert. Hit the camera from 40-50 yards. • Messi Back Volley : No look back volley sitting on the ground. • Messi vs Stegen : Made his teammate Ter Stegen a Statue during warm up. Stegen couldn't even move when Messi's curve shot just nestled on the back of the net. • Messi vs Robot Goalkeeper : Scored past super fast automatic robot goalkeeper. • Messi vs Gaint Goalkeeper : Scored past giant inflatable alien robot keeper. • Messi Insane Touch : Insane ball control and touches on Japanese TV / game show lifting high 18 meters. • Messi Ridiculous Goal from 60 yards: Scored in a tiny goal from the other side of the field. • Messi Scoring through Holes: Showing superhuman precision by scoring through tiny holes. Well, all these clips and incidents are brought together in this compilation. Something no YouTube channel did before. Over 30 minutes of magic show, Messi Magic .... Enjoy ! This video includes Messi Freestyle Skills too ! Messi Freestyle: Messi's haters say Messi can't do freestyle. Well, Messi isn't a guy who loves to show off. Freestyling with some stepovers and by juggling the ball may be special for other players not Messi. Those things may be extraordinary for normal players for Messi freestyle in that way is too easy. He freestyles with tricks, shots, skills, goals world has never seen. He is the king of exceptional freestyling & the father of new freestyle moves. LIONEL MESSI is THE GODFATHER OF FREESTYLE !

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