Colour Theory For Makeup Artists Pt. 1

Colour Theory For Makeup Artists Pt. 1

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We are going back to basics in this video! I review the colour wheel and colour theory and specifically how it relates to makeup artistry. If you didn't know there is more than one colour wheel that is applicable to makeup artistry, you may want to watch this one! Truly understanding how colour theory works will take your artistry to the next level, it can be applied to any form of makeup artistry and can correct a lot of problems that can occur during makeup application. THE TRADITIONAL ARTIST'S COLOUR WHEEL (Printable) THE REAL COLOUR WHEEL TERMINOLOGY USED IN THIS VIDEO: Primary Colours: Three colours from which you can create any other colour, these colours cannot be made from mixing any other colour. Traditionally: Red, yellow and blue. According to the Real Colour Wheel: Cyan, Magenta and Yellow Secondary Colours: Colours created by mixing two primary colours Tertiary Colours: Colours created by mixing one primary and one secondary colour Complimentary Colours: Colours opposite each other on the colour wheel. Warm Colours: Reds, oranges and yellows Cool Colours: Greens, blues and violets ****A great source of information for any makeup artist is 'The Makeup Artist Handbook' by Gretchen Davis & Mindy Hall . You will find more in depth information about colour theory and about every aspect of makeup artistry in this book.**** Thanks for watching!!! Part 2 will be out next Tuesday!!! ************************** Follow me on social media: Instagram:

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