ASMR | Ear Exam | Ear Cleaning | Ear Irrigation

ASMR | Ear Exam | Ear Cleaning | Ear Irrigation

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SPANISH VERSION: Hey everyone! Preparation for this took probably 6 hours with researching medical stuff, testing out different things to use for the sounds, taking notes, prepping for the Spanish version, and then after all that came filming and editing which thankfully went smoothly and only took a few hours total. I hope you enjoy this! I'm really happy with how it turned out. I make three English videos, then one Spanish video, in that order! THE MOST TINGLES SERIES: Got a question? It might be answered here: Would you like to see my videos a day early? Hang out with me on a live stream? Watch behind the scenes vlogs? Get audio downloads of my videos? Chat on my community Discord server? Check out my Patreon for that and more! PATREON : OFFICIAL SITE: VLOGS: SPANISH VLOGS: FACEBOOK: MY WRITING: TUMBLR: PERSONAL TWITTER: OFFICIAL TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: LAST.FM: SNAPCHAT: bananagaloshes Donate to my paypal, if you want: For any and all business inquiries, please email me at softlygaloshes (at) gmail (dot) com Thank you! :) (NOTE: This is NOT for just asking questions or wanting conversation. This is for business reasons only. If you wish to talk to me casually, send me a tweet, a message on my various tumblrs, or my Facebook. All of those are linked above.) Intro by Lance Wilson. #asmr

ASMR Ear Cleaning: Casual Role Play with a Friend (Binaural)

Hey y'all! I thought those gorgeous ears of yours could use a little maintenance, just between friends. Triggers include ear attention, ear attention, and some


Hello all! Back with a new mouth sounds video :) I will be posting that sci fi sequel next so keep a look out for that! I hope you enjoy this video n__n I make

ASMR Fast Haircut and Shave Sounds For Sleep and Relaxation

Need some sleep? I've got your back and your bangs. Thanks for watching! This was influenced by FredsVoice ASMR's Barbershop video:

☆ Медицинское обследование в АСМРмию ☆ / АСМР / Расслабляющая ролевая игра перед сном

Привеееет! :) Русская версия АСМРмии (армии покоя и сна нас мурахатых) В этом видео вы буд

ASMR Nerve Testing After Black Out - Soft Speaking, Gloves, Light

Wooo, lights! Let me touch yo face! What is ASMR? For most, it is a sensation best described as "tingles", usually in the head, neck and shoulders. It is often

ASMR 중국 묘족 머리 청소 Chinese Miao(Hmong)Hair Treatment 中药头皮护理

상호명 头道汤养生馆(전국체인) 주소 青岛 东海西路大公海岸5栋2单元 가격 美团결제시 98위안(첫 방문 38위안) instagram

End Your ASMR Immunity | Echo Effect | Super Tingly Unintelligible Whisper & Fast Tapping

Timestamps: 0:20 - Unintelligible whispering 5:07 - Tapping on cooking spray can 10:17 - Unintelligible whispering 15:16 - Tapping on match box 20:12 - Unintel

[ASMR] Measuring You - Detailed Close Up Personal Attention

Hey lovelies! Want to meet me and attend a live ASMR Workshop? Get tickets here:

◉ Treating your Migraine ASMR Roleplay ◉

TREATING MIGRAINE ASMR ROLEPLAY Hello everyone! I prepared a sort of medical video for you. Nobody likes migraines so let me try to heal you with my ASMR powe

ASMR Deep Ear Cleaning w/ Whispering for Sleep 👂 Japanese Ear Pick, Q-Tips, Mascara Wands, Cotton +

ASMR Whispered Ear Cleaning, with Japanese fluffy ear picks, q-tips, mascara wands / spoolies, glass water dropper bottle, ear blowing, bamboo pick, cotton and

-⋈- Super Gentle Man Suit Fitting-⋈- ASMR / Ear-to-Ear / Fabric Sounds / Ironing

Hello there, handsome :) This video is created specifically for gentlemen with super powers :P In this video I will measure you up, pick out, iron and try on a

ASMR Fixing You: Before You Go On Sale (Ear exam, Cranial nerve exam, Ear massage, face brushing...)

Welcome to my new ASMR video! This video includes an ear exam, a cranial nerve exam, eye exam, ear massage, ear scratching/ear cleaning, ear brushing, face brus

ASMR. Twin Ear Cleaning w/Wooden Earpicks (No Talking)

Hi :) It's a requested video from Twin Ear cleaning w/metal earpicks : Many of you ask me to make another version with wooden earp

ASMR Mouth Sounds Variety Pack! | Ear Eating | Mic Nibbling | Tongue Shaking | Kissing | etc

Recorded with two Rode NT1As, unless otherwise specified. Timestamps! 1:05 Mouth Sounds 10:26 Chewing a Straw 15:47 Tongue Shaking 21:28 Kissing 27:31 Ear Eati

[BINAURAL ASMR] Ear Cleaning Roleplay (ear picking, fizzing, softly spoken, personal attention)

Got a question? It might be answered here: PATREON : OFFICIAL SITE: http://offi

A Very Tingly ASMR Ear Cleaning

Check out my NEW VIDEO: Hope you like this ear cleaning video :) I added a new sound! Accidentally discovered it.

ASMR Medical RP - Ear Exam

I'm having audio issues with feedback, as some of y'all noticed in my collab with Whisper Latina, so I decided to switch up the microphones and did this one wit

[BINAURAL ASMR] 20+ Minutes of Mouth Sounds!

Latest ASMR: Latest Vlog: Got a question? It might be answered here: ht

ASMR HAIRCUT OF YOUR LIFE - Scissors, Blow Dry, Water Spritzing, Hair Brushing

Get ready for the binaural ASMR HAIRCUT OF YOUR LIFE!! You'll get the full program: soothing scissors, blow dryer, water spritzing, hair brushing and coming, f
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