How does Port Forwarding work?

How does Port Forwarding work?

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Hi my name is Roger Ahuja and I’m going to take a couple of minutes and talk to you about Port forwarding. So I’m going to use this as an example here. Let’s say you have a computer out on the internet and you want to access a computer in your office. As far as that computer on the internet is concerned, it’s going to be able to talk to your router which has a public IP address. I’m using as an example here. There’s no way right of the bat through the firewall for it to access this computer here on your network. And if this computer out here on the internet was to try to connect to this IP address which is really the only IP address it has access to, it would be stopped at the router here. So how does this computer access this computer over here and that’s where port forwarding comes in. There are 65,536 ports on any IP address. I’m going to talk about port 3389 which is for remote desktop. So if you wanted to remote control this computer here, what you would have to do is you would connect to the router and you would connect on port 3389 so if you’re using the remote desktop connection you would put a colon 3389 at the end of it. And then this router would be told that ok forward that port to this computer. And then this computer assuming it’s configured for remote desktop when it receives that request on port 3389. It would answer that request and let you remote control it. So what I want to talk about is how do you configure this router to forward that port request to here? So I’m going to open up my router real quick here. Most routers have some kind of port forwarding already built into them and they’ll have certain applications that are predefined built in. For example FTP which uses port 21 and the TCP protocol. If I had an FTP server setup, I could say send it to as an example which would be the computer that’s internally. Now the computer still has to be configured to receive that FTP port, but that’s how you would do it. You can also custom define them here. Port 3389 as I mentioned here is a known port for remote control. Well if I’m a hacker and I just start hitting public IP’s and I requested port 3389 to see if something responds, that would be a relatively easy way for me to get in. So you don’t necessarily want to use port 3389 as a port from the outside. So in this case you could say I want to create a remote desktop connection so remote desktop and maybe you want to pick a random port of 52000 or 53000, but internally and that’s the external port it’s going to forward it to port 3389. And now what you’ve done is instead of using Port 3389 your using a different port and then you would just tell it which IP address you want it to go to. This is how you would configure your games if you had a game that needed a specific port to be opened and pointed to a specific computer. It’s helpful if you set a static IP on the computer that you’re connecting to. Because if that IP address changes, then you have to go back in here and change the routing again because the IP address would change. So if it’s set to a static IP address and you just configure it one time and that’s basically it.

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