Gravity Visualized

Gravity Visualized

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Help Keep PTSOS Going, Click Here: Dan Burns explains his space-time warping demo at a PTSOS workshop at Los Gatos High School, on March 10, 2012. Thanks to Shannon Range from the Gravity Probe B program for creating the original demonstration which he shared with Dan in 2004. Information on how to make your own Spacetime Simulator can be found here:

Top 5 Space Experiments

► Send us your video ideas! Things in space look a whole lot cooler than here on earth. Welcome back guys today's video is on the to

Pekerja Tercepat Di Dunia - Skill Tingkat Dewa #1

Pekerja Tercepat Di Dunia - Skill Tingkat Dewa #1 Song: Elektronomia - Imagination FAIR USE NOTICE: * This video may contain copyrighted material. Such mate

Physics marble track review part one // Homemade Science with Bruce Yeany

track material is easy to work with and cheap. it is called shelf bracket tracks or shelf uprights. I have seen various hardware stores and building supply st

Gravity's effect on the flow of time in General Relativity

Explains how and why gravity affects the flow of time according to General Relativity.

128,000 Dominoes Falling into past a journey around the world 2 Guinness World Records) YouTub

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7. La gravité comme déformation de l'espace-temps

LES VOYAGES DANS LE TEMPS SONT-ILS POSSIBLES ? Excursion aux frontières de l'imaginaire de la physique (7/18) Contraire

永久機関 Perpetual motion machines Part 1

These are 5 working models of Perpetual Motion Machines I made for educational purposes. Not all of them are perfect, but they are still the part of the history

Top 30 Unexpected Thug Life Moments

Hello, This is a compilation of the top 30 funniest Unexpected Thug Life videos. More videos will be coming up soon. Here are the sources: 30. http://www.yout

The Best Card Trick In The World!

This is an awesome card trick. Watch video for the reveal!

Gravitational Waves Hit The Late Show

Brian Greene stops by to demonstrate an exciting new scientific discovery Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE: For more cont

10 amazing bets you will always win (9)

Buy the book UK: Buy the book US: Music:

Amazing Technology Invented By MIT - Tangible Media

At the MIT Media Lab, the Tangible Media Group believes the future of computing is tactile. Unveiled today, the inFORM is MIT's new scrying pool for imagining t

Why Doesn't the Moon Fall to Earth? Exploring Orbits and Gravity

Using a bucket with stretchy fabric stretched over it, allow visitors to experiment with marbles and weights to discover some basics about gravity and orbits. V

Elliptical Pool Table - Numberphile

A game to play on the elliptical table: More links & stuff in full description below ↓↓↓ And more extra footage: http://youtu

10 Amazing Paper Tricks!

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The Amazing World Of Gravity (Full Physics Documentary) | Spark

From the award-winning team that brought you The Secret Life of Chaos comes a unique television event on the physics of gravity, featuring unexpected historical

Biggest 3D domino pyramid fail ever - 31*31 - 19000 dominos

19.000 Dominos.. No one ever has build up a 3D domino pyramid with this size before. First fail from 2011:

Earth's motion around the Sun, not as simple as I thought

Source: CassioPeia Project More at

Wheel momentum Walter Lewin.wmv

This video is a part of a lecture from MIT open courseware. The teacher is Prof. Walter Lewin. He is Dutch origin astrophysicist. But at 1966 he went to MIT and

Chris Hadfield Brushes his Teeth in Space

2013-03-31 - Canadian astronaut and Commander of Expedition 35 answers a question about how astronauts brush their teeth in space. You might be surprised by wha

Einstein's gravity

From the NOVA PBS series "THE ELEGANT UNIVERSE', host Brian Greene guides us through Einstein's explanation of gravity. Brian Greene is a theoretical physici

Genius Ideas We Should Implement Everywhere ASAP 😂

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Over 1,000,000 Dominoes! (Best of 2018)

I was inspired to make this video from watching the “Best of Hevesh5” domino videos throughout the years. So I decided to make a compilation of my videos fr

What Does a 4D Ball Look Like in Real Life? Amazing Experiment Shows Spherical Version of Tesseract

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How Earth Moves

It’s here! Science stuff, mind-blowing stuff, Vsauce stuff, oh my!! THE CURIOSITY BOX: Jake’s video about The Curiosity Bo

Can Silence Actually Drive You Crazy?

*Watch with headphones on! Is 45 minutes really the longest anyone can stay in a perfectly silent, pitch-black room? Support Veritasium on Patreon

Michio Kaku: What If Einstein Is Wrong?

Don't miss new Big Think videos! Subscribe by clicking here: We'll have to recalibrate everything -- the age of the universe, the age of

How Microwaving Grapes Makes Plasma

A bisected grape in the microwave makes plasma. But how does it work? A grape is the right size and refractive index to trap microwaves inside it. When you plac

Time Dilation - Einstein's Theory Of Relativity Explained!

There is absolutely no doubt that Einstein is the most popular physicist in the history of science. Between the March and June of 1905, Einstein, then a mere pa
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