Intro to Phonology: Phonemes & Allophones (lesson 1 of 4)

Intro to Phonology: Phonemes & Allophones (lesson 1 of 4)

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The first video in a basic introduction to phonology, the study of pronunciation systems. Use minimal pairs to piece together all the phonemes of a language. Identify allomorphs of those phonemes, both in complementary distribution and free variation. In the next lesson, we'll use these concepts to start working out the pronunciation of Latin American Spanish. Visit the course page for explanations, examples and exercises: This lesson builds on your understanding of phonetics and the IPA:

Phonemes & Allophones

A brief overview of the differences between phonemes and allophones.

Phonology Lesson 1

هذه دورة في الفونولوجي للأخوة الطلاب الجامعيين- تخصص اللغة الإنجليزية، ولمن له اهتمام ب

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