Create Linux Router with Ubuntu Server 14.04 and Webmin

Create Linux Router with Ubuntu Server 14.04 and Webmin

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Step by Step instructions on how to install Ubuntu Server 14.04 and configure it as a DHCP router and gateway with iptables firewall and Webmin GUI.

Linux Tutorial for Beginners: Introduction to Linux Operating System Linux is the most popular server OS(Operating System). Linux is a clone of UNIX. Knowing one is as good as knowi

Webmin Install, Setup, & Tutorial and a brief comparison to Cockpit at the end

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pfSense: How to Turn an Old PC into an Epic Router

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How to Configure Bind9 DNS Server in Webmin

Part 2 of the Creating a Linux Router video using Ubuntu Server 14.04 with DHCP Server, static addressing, iptables firewall and Webmin GUI. This video shows y

Why Linus Torvalds doesn't use Ubuntu or Debian

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Hyper V Replication and Failover

Videos, Blog Posts and More at: Today's Topic: We discuss Hyper V Replication and failover and the benefits and dangers of usi

Linux Server Rack ★Geeking Off★

Ok, so I am going to build a Linux sever rack. I have been wanting to do this for years. I ran into some challenges along the way and It was that the back of th

DIY Webhosting-Webmin-Virtualmin on virtual Ubuntu Server-EP112

In this episode we create our own Webserver and setup a hosted domain. Thanks to "Music: Little Idea -" Thanks for watching! I hope you all enj

How To Setup Shares, Groups & User Permissions in FreeNAS 11

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Set Up Port Forwarding Using Webmin or Terminal on Ubuntu Server 14.04

This video covers how to setup port forwarding using Webmin or the Terminal. Here are the commands outlined in the video for the terminal. DNAT ACTUALLY FORWAR

Linux Backup with TAR and Cron Jobs

Info Level: Intermediate Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: September 21, 2010 Length of Class: 35 Minutes Tracks Linux Prerequisites Introduction

Introduction to IPTables

Summary Extensive coverage of iptables and iptables syntax, firewall policies, and attacks: SYN flood & ping flood (smurf attack). 28:13 - nano text edit

How to Build Your Own E Mail Server using Ubuntu Server 14.04

This video will show you how to get an e-mail server up and running with all available ports and protocols working. Postfix is a very complex email software wi

Linux Tip | Create and Restore Backups

Please join the discussion at EzeeTalk. It's free, secure and fun! Here's how I handle backing up and restoring data on my Linux

How to Make an Ubuntu Active Directory Domain Controller With Samba

In this video, I will be showing you how to make an active directory domain controller using Ubuntu Server and Samba4. Software Installation Command: sudo apt-

How To Install Webmin on Ubuntu

How to install Webmin on Ubuntu server 14.04. Instructions: C

Configure Ubuntu as PC Router with NAT Firewall and IPTABLES

The video tutorial explain how to Install Configure PC Router as a Gateway with NAT Firewall and IPTABLES using Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS. In this practice I use

Build a LAMP Server on Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop

I This video tutorial will show how to turn an Ubuntu 14.04 desktop into a LAMP server. Watch as I install Apache, MySql, and phpMyAdmin to have a test server f

Users, Groups and Permissions in Linux

Note: We Demonstrate Linux using Ubuntu Server 10.04 Info Level: Intermediate Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: September, 16 2010 Length of Class

Building A PFSense Firewall ★Geeking Off★

After a long battle editing this video with Kdenlive I finally got this video done. I got around to building a firewall for my Linux Server Rack project. I star
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