GDDR6 Board Spotted ! Nvidia GPP part 2 ? Qualcomm and Windows vs Intel !

GDDR6 Board Spotted ! Nvidia GPP part 2 ? Qualcomm and Windows vs Intel !

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GDDR6 makes an appearance on a engineering sample, people are worried about Nvidia's new NDA and Qualcomm teams up with windows to possibly go against intel ! ————————————————————————————————— TODAY'S DOSE OF TECH NEWS ————————————————————————————————— Nvidia GDDR6 engineering board : Nvidia NDA : Gamers Nexus interview : SnapDragon 1000 : 1- LG 5 Camera’s : 2- LG 5 Camera’s : 1- Z390 is z370 rebrand : 2- Z390 is z370 rebrand : Blizzard Patents POTG System : Fortnite Copies sell for hundreds ! : —————————————————————————— About Boot Sequence: Snows and the rest of the Boot Sequence team are here to bring you the latest breaking Tech News. Featuring the latest tech, product launches, trends rumours and more. Boot Sequence is your destination to stay in the know. —————————————————————————— Connect with Boot Sequence: Follow Boot Sequence on TWITTER: Like Boot Sequence on FACEBOOK: Check Boot Sequence on INSTAGRAM:


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