How to get Faster - the Easiest Way

How to get Faster - the Easiest Way

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Track and Field Coach Tom Tellez shows how to teach arm action and why it is crucial to the success of your sprinters. Once taught properly, there will be an immediate impact on your athletes running speed.

Tom Tellez and Carl Lewis on Sprinting

This is an instructional on breaking down a 100 meter race into specific sections to maximize performance.


How to run faster? How to increase your speed? Want better sprint times? USE YOUR ARMS! Coach Chris demonstrates a crucial part of sprinting that most neglect.

Block Starts and Acceleration Mechanics by Tom Tellez

A 5 minute teaser from our HPC ELITETRACK Gold Medal Clinic DVD. This particular lecture is by legendary sprint coach Tom Tellez. Tom is the former coach of spr

Usain Bolt's Bio Mechanics explained by Michael Johnson

World record holder Michael Johnson looks at the art of sprinting at his Michael Johnson Performance training facility in McKinney, Texas.Other sprinters than B

Workout Wednesday: Inside Houston Sprints' Pre-Race Routine

Carl Lewis leads his elite sprint squad in their pre-race routine. Website: Subscribe: Get the FloSports iOS ap

4 Drills to Save Your Athletes Shoulders Coach Eric Cressey shows you 4 warm-up exercises that will help save your athletes shoulders. Great for throwing at

Penultimate and Takeoff Mechanics in the Long Jump by Tom Tellez

This is a 5 minute clip from the DVD titled, Penultimate and Takeoff Mechanics in the Long Jump. The video was shot at the HPC ELITETRACK Gold Medal Clinic held

Speed Training - Run Faster In 14 Days! Take the Speed Training Challenge! It’s simple, effective and helps athletes of all ages run faste

One Mile Run Track Race Tips

Looking to run that PERFECT mile? Check out our one mile run track race tips. TRY our Training Club for FREE - Complete training programs with daily videos and

How to get Twitch Affiliate Fast - The Real Way!

How to become twitch affiliate Are you trying to get Twitch Affiliate? This video will help you achieve all the requirements for Path to Affiliate. With Twitc

Coaching Sprinting

Michael Johnson compares the different running styles of 100m rivals Justin Gatlin and Usain Bolt

BBC Sport's Michael Johnson compares the different running styles of 100m rivals Justin Gatlin and Usain Bolt. He says Bolt ran without "lateral stability" in S

Speed Training Series - Top End Speed

Get the top drills for speed & agility training with Lee Taft's free speed training video series - Simple strategy

The Sprinter Factory

These are the girls running as fast as they can to be Jamaica’s new sprint champions in a country obsessed with its athletes. This is the story of the Champs

Carl Lewis - Run Faster

Speed Training Secrets #3 - Increase Running Turnover Rate - Pull Phase - Hip Extensors

In this speed training secrets video we talk about the pull phase of running, the hip extensors involvement and also how to increase your running turnover rate.

Sprint Start Analysis

Sprint start analysis of Blake Selig. Now at UCLA, Blake was a 10.61 sprinter and 24'2" long jumper while at Rio Mesa HS. Created with Coach's Eye. Try it out:

Running Strides : Khadevis Robinson

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Workout Wednesday: Carl Lewis & Houston Sprinters

400-300-200 workout with Carl Lewis and the University of Houston sprint squad. Website: Subscribe: Get the Flo

Sprint Mechanics - Sprint Form Analyzed - Biomechanics

Asafa Powell, Carl Lewis, and Jarvid Best. Commentary by Darrick Ware
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