- Car Jump Arena Revisited - Car Jump Arena Revisited

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This map sure has changed since I first made a video for it. A lot more things to jump and crash on. Download: Subscribe: - Senseless Destruction

Download: Subscribe:

Guts and Glory - BYE BYE SON!

WOO VIEWER REQUESTED GAME LET'S GO!!! Download: Subscribe: - RG R/C Pack 0.10

Tiny cars so cute, but so destructive. Download: Subscribe:

BeamNG.Drive - Sadler Gorge

Map looks pretty basic at first, until you see a super unique feature that is a ton of fun to mess around with. Download: - Rear Engined V8 Pigeon

Big engine in the back means faster driving and faster crashing! Download: Subscribe: http://www - Antonov AN-12B

Still quite a few things I want to do with this Antonov AN-12B, one of which is shooting another Antonov AN-12B out of the sky instead of just crashing it. So e - BEST MOD EVER?????

Also only a single video for April 1st so ya'll have extra time to go spend with those that are important to you. Either celebrate April Fools by pulling off a


aye I'm a hamster Download: Subscribe: - T-Series Rollback Flatbed Tow Truck

Tow trucks are always fun because it means you get some nice car on car crashes and driving and stuff. Download: - Eris Coucal

The Eris Coucal, a vehicle that looks very similiar to a Plymouth Road Runner. It also has a version with SIX superchargers so you can crash almost instantly. - Conquistador Gorge (the literally BIG UPDATE)

THE GORGE! Driving through treacherous trying my best not to completely wreck up my car in a big crash. Download:

Corsa Archipelago, AKA Big Words Are Hard to Pronounce -

Good thing you don't need to know how to pronounce words to drive and crash cars. Download: Subscribe

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Disrespect The Boxes!

Can WhyBeAre fix a car? Probably not. Going to try to next time though since this video was basically an introduction to the game. Download: http://store.steam - Articulated Frame component for Bus

The official name for this mod is so tame, the official name should be bendy bus that crashes pretty much just as good as the stock bus, but jumps better then t - Nuclear Bomb

THE BOMB GOES BOOM Download: Subscribe: - Limo Hopper

Limos are always fun to crash especially when you can split them in half like this. Download: Subscribe: ht - HighDef's Stunt Show Academy

Crushing cars with a monster truck, plowing through a pile of cars using a rocket power bus, crashing into a bunch of buses stacked like dominoes, stunt jumps.


Pretty neat game to be honest. I recorded this somewhere around March 7th so there has been a few updates since this video was recorded. Download: https://stor - Avro Arrow

Flying through the air until I crash into other air planes in cheating ways or just slam into the ground. Download: - Death Stairs

Old video, but I wanted to make sure I had part 2 ready to go before I uploaded part 1. These videos are basically 95% crashing and 5% driving because of the de
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