The Bizarre Animation of MR. GAME & WATCH

The Bizarre Animation of MR. GAME & WATCH

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How does Mr. Game & Watch's animation even WORK? Learn how Smash Bros pulled inspiration from old tech to bring this bizarre character to life. Subscribe to see more game animation analysis videos! ---- (More Below) Written and produced by Daniel Floyd Special thanks to: -Carrie Floyd -Soraya Een Hajji -Barry Kramer -Eric Luhta __________ Vote on which Smash Bros character we look at next! ► __________ Follow me on Twitter (@DanFloydPlus) ► For more games (and animation geekery), check out our other channel, PlayFrame! ► ___________ ♪ "Mr. Game & watch me work it" by Blubeatz ...and also selections from the Smash Bros official soundtracks.

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