Samsung 8K QLED TV Q900R - Hands On at IFA 2018

Samsung 8K QLED TV Q900R - Hands On at IFA 2018

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Samsung unveiled the 8K QLED TV at IFA 2018 and Digital Trends got an exclusive first look. The 85 inch 8K QLED will be available in the US for a price that should be under $20,000. With peak brightness of 4000 nits and all of the color available with QLED tv, and HDR 10+ the Q900R is a beast of a TV. 8K upscaling is also excellent with this as Samsung has combined AI with fast processing to make even SD content look smooth on a big screen like this. TVSUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST VIDEOS VISIT DIGITAL TRENDS DT Series--- Awesome Tech you can't buy Yet: Innovators: Connect my Crib: FOLLOW US!

Peru 8K HDR 60FPS (FUHD)

We want to share with everyone how we see the world in 8K. Peru 8K HDR explores the people and landscapes of Peru. This footage was captured in natively in 8

The Biggest Samsung TVs I've Ever Seen! - CES 2019

We saw some pretty impressive stuff at CES 2019! Samsung TV introduced something called Micro LEDs and, finally, a line of Samsung 8K QLED TVs. Just so many pix

Sony IFA 2018 Press Event in Under 7 Minutes

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BOE Flexible Phone, 8K, 5644PPI micro-display (17x Retina), Printed OLED, QLED and more

BOE presents their latest flexible AMOLED display solutions for the future of smartphones that can be bent, folded, and rolled and even flap in the wind. BOE's

Finally a TV For Gaming? - LG Nano Cell

Audible sponsor link: Get a free 30-day trial of Audible today by signing up at LG's Nano Cell TV - it's a great-looking display,

Samsung QLED TV at 70% OFF - Not Paid / Not Sponsored

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Samsung 2018 Q9 QLED QE55Q9FNAT Quick Unbox, Setup with Demo US Version selling off at Amazon US 65" No-Gap Wall Mount UK No-Gap Wall Mount

Samsung Galaxy S10 - 10 MIND BLOWING Upcoming Features!

Its time to review Samsung Galaxy S10 Top 10 Mind blowing features that might make you wait for it. Beyond Galaxy is coming. Galaxy S10 Concept: https://www.yo

It's Finally Time for 8K

Between 8K and Rollable OLED LG has some really cool stuff at CES 2019. LG SIGNATURE TV R (AKA Rollable OLED TV): LG OLED TV 8K, model Z9:


Check out step by step guide to learn how to install LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W. LG looks more like artwork than a TV as it perfectly blends in with the wall Find

The Mind Blowing 33 Million Pixel Display...

Check out TicWatch - Use code UNBOX to get 20% off. The Dell UltraSharp 32-inch 8K Monitor (UP3218K) is the most pixel dense display I've

LG OLED vs Samsung QLED - TV Technology Shootout

New QLED vs OLED comparison here: The names may look almost identical, but OLED and QLED are two entirely differen

Samsung 8K QLED TV - 85-inch Q900 - Hands On Review

Check out our CES 2019 coverage! Samsung gave us a day to put its Q900 85-inch 8K TV t

Samsung Q950R QLED TV Gains 8K/60fps HDMI 2.1 + 55" & 98" Sizes!

Samsung has unveiled its new 2019 flagship lineup of 8K QLED TVs, namely the Q950R series, offering screen sizes from 55 inches all the way up to a massive 98 i

LG Display shows 8K 31.5", Wallpaper OLED, pOLED, Transparent OLED, 4K bezel-less and more

LG shows their ultra-thin 77” OLED wallpaper display, the thinnest in the world, displays with speakers built-in, and other leading display technology such as

Dope Tech: The 4K OLED Wallpaper TV!

LG 4K OLED W: Possibly the most glorious wall-mounted TV of all time. A look into the future of television panels. LG 4K OLED W:

Sony X950G 4K HDR TV - Hands-On Review

The Sony X950G is the best 4K TV the brand makes now that the Z9 Master Series is busy covering Sony's 8K ambitions. That being the case, the X950G has some big


Ini dia TV yang bikin jadi betah di rumah. 😄 Kualitas gambar dengan panel QLED yang manjain mata plus fitur-fitur yang lengkap bikin pengalaman menonton jad

Samsung Q90 4K QLED TV vs. LG C9 OLED TV

What a difference one letter makes. The terms OLED and QLED may look very similar but are two entirely different beasts. In our QLED vs. OLED battle, we compare

LG 88inch 8K OLED TV - Hands On at IFA 2018

The first public showing of LG's 88 inch 8K OLED TV happened today in Berlin at IFA 2018. This is very similar to the 8K 88" display we saw in an exclusive meet
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