Anti-Gravity Wheel?

Anti-Gravity Wheel?

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Explanation of gyro precession: More: Less Than: Equal To: Huge thanks to A/Prof Emeritus Rod Cross, Helen Georgiou for filming, Alex Yeung, and Chris Stewart, the University of Sydney Mechanical Engineering shop, Duncan and co. Ralph and the School of Physics. In this video I attempt to lift a 19kg (42 lbs) wheel over my head one-handed while it's spinning at a few thousand RPM. This replicates an earlier experiment by Professor Eric Laithwaite. He claimed the wheel was 'light as a feather' and could not be explained by Newton's Laws. I wanted to find out for myself what I really felt like. Music By Kevin MacLeod "Tempting Secrets"

Gyrocar #1 (gyroscope stabilized 2-wheeled toy)

Update: main components are listed at the bottom of this description. This is my first attempt to build gyro-stabilized system for 2-inline-wheeled platform. I

Anti-Gravity Wheel Explained

It's a little shaky but if you average out the oscillations I think the result is clear. Again, huge thank you's to A/Prof Emeritus Rod Cross, Helen Georgiou, A

Top Crazy Russian Homemade Inventions 2019 #69

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Creative People Who Are On Another Level (Amazing Skills And Talent)

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Levitation Breakthroughs! bio-gravitics, hutchison effect, vibro-acoustics! Please Share

Dan A. Davidison explains the basis behind Grebennikov's findings and how certain insects really fly (levitate) linking how a spinning vortex creates a magnetic

Levitron horizontal ( con imanes de microondas)--Levitron horizontal (microwave magnet

Levitron construido con imanes de un magnetron de microondas y un boligrafo, de facil realizacion y muy buen resultado, especial para clases de fisica y ferias

Fire in ZERO-G!!

In a zero-g plane I experimented with flames and slinkies with surprising results. Check out e-penser's video: Check out Physicsgirl's vi

If This Doesn't Make You a Believer, I Doubt Anything Will

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Nikola Tesla’s LOST Nikola Tesla Anti Gravity Technology Papers and The Ether

Source: Narrated and Created by: Gary Lite As explained by Tesla himself, the Earth is “…like a charged metal ball moving through space”, which

Real Arc Reactor (ionized plasma generator)

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Should This Lake Exist?

The Salton Sea is the largest body of water in California, home to the second most diverse group of birds in America and it exists by accident. Another great vi

Impossible pinball in a wooden cube DANGER EXTREMELY UNSAFE

If your comment was removed, it is because it was already covered by the following snappy answers to stupid questions: -------"Freeze the pinball to make it sm

Anti-Gravity Machine (Part One)

"What we have here is a potential space drive," Laithwaite said. "Properly developed, this would take you to the outer universe on a spoonful of uranium."

5 Gyroscope Experiments Amazing to Watch

► Send us your video ideas! A gyroscope is a device used to maintain orientation during angular velocity. It's pretty cool to watch,


Asymmetrical Capacitor or ' Lifter' does not utilize ionic wind for lift. Uses pulsed DC high voltage & very little current. This round design has great thrust

Gyroscopic Precession and Gyroscopes

How the angular momentum vector is affected by torque, and why this results in gyroscopic precession and for the operation of gyroscopes used for navigation.

2000 Year Old Anti-Gravity Jar Found in India? SECRET REVEALED

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Can Silence Actually Drive You Crazy?

*Watch with headphones on! Is 45 minutes really the longest anyone can stay in a perfectly silent, pitch-black room? Support Veritasium on Patreon
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