Getting Recognized part 2

Getting Recognized part 2

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I'm going to be attending alot of conventions/meetups soon, so if we do meet, it's ok that you're awkward, I'm awkward too. :^) Mario maker's that I like CarlSagan42 ➤ ryukahr ➤ Grand POOBear ➤ Also here's Footofaferret's channel ➤ ALSO ALSO This is the video where I got the super smash brothers footage➤ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Twitter ➤ Website ➤

Getting Recognized

..............maybe I'm still kinda new to this fame and publicity thing, (and I hope I don't regret saying this) but don't be afraid to talk to me, I'm a p chi

Strangers Trying to Sell You Stuff

I don't think I've ever converted to anything or bought something from someone knocking on my door. SomethingElseYt (Adam) ➤

Purl | Pixar SparkShorts

Purl, directed by Kristen Lester and produced by Gillian Libbert-Duncan, features an earnest ball of yarn named Purl who gets a job in a fast-paced, high energy


DON'T SKIP ahead!! CHALLENGE & ROOM TOUR! Plus someone gets into a fight, Sabre's crush, Biggy surprises Naz! Check out all LAST TO LEAVE here

My Inter-human Relationship

I can sometimes be a not okay friend Song: Taking Chances --Skip Peck Twitter ➤ Website ➤

Chaperoning 7th Graders

No hard feelings, 7th graders? I don't actually think you're the worst. (thanks for watching by the way, you're cool) Remember to turn in your homework and I'll

The Spiders and the Bees

Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees. Win a trip to VidCon ➤ Scribble Sh

Another Book I Made as a Kid

New microphone, yeah Song: Taking Chances --Skip Peck Twitter ➤ Website ➤

Odd1sout funny moments

Funny right? This is an updated version of previously made compilations by others. I hope you enjoy. His channel:

Crazy Substitute Teachers

lemon guy will be forever in our hearts. Thanks to Lixian for the old teacher voice! video that one s

Devils Vs Angels Two w/ TheOdd1sOut

We do some more of the draw Thanks to theodd1sout for being apart of this video: Come chat with me in

Ari's First Christmas feat. Weeaboo Misaki (read description)

just a disclaimer, there's been some controversy going around about samurai buyer. people saying it's a scam, the company saying it's not... i found out about t

Things you (possibly) didn't know about Minecraft

A quick video on some interesting facts, tidbits, and tricks you may not know about Minecraft. Watch Part 2:

Turned Into a Werewolf | Minecraft Hide and Seek

Aphmau and group are having another sleep over! ...and this time they invited Aaron... ★Plush and T-Shirt! - ★ Be

Reacting to my HIGHEST KILL GAME in Fortnite!

code dantdm gives you 4 more kills per game. ► Subscribe and join TeamTDM! :: ► Follow Me on Twitter ::

My B-Boy Days

Enjoy a 30 day Premium trial of VRV and it's vast collection of shows and channels by going to: If you're an animator, artist, gamer,

Johny Johny Yes Papa | 3D Rhymes | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | Videogyan | Live Stream

Subscribe for more nursery rhymes collection -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Johny Johny Yes Papa | 3D Rhymes | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | Videogyan |

Pokemon Talk #28: TheOddish1sOut (ft. TheOdd1sOut)

Pokemon Talk #28: TheOddish1sOut! In this episode of Pokemon Talk, Bulbasaur and Squirtle's guest Oddish is a very talented and interesting Pokemon, but there's

Girlfriend Fairy Halloween Costume!

You guys wanted it! So you guys got it! I hope you like my Girlfriend Fairy Halloween costume! SUBSCRIBE! LME SOCIAL STUFF: Twitter:

6 Times TheOdd1sOut ROASTS RiceGum

Some very few times that TheOdd1sOut completely roasts RiceGum. -------------------------------------------------- TheOdd1sOut
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