How to return a Redbox DVD, (with Colin)

How to return a Redbox DVD, (with Colin)

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Colin has discovered the use of Redbox Machines to rent DVD's. He loves the idea of being able to go to their machines and obtain a new release movie for only $1.50 a night. He doesn't want to rent any DVD's for more than one night though! He does question why the rental cost is only $1.00 a night in the U.S.A. vs $1.50 a night here in Canada, but it seems that everything is more money up here than it is in the United States! Colin loves to use new and emerging technology as much as possible!

How to rent DVDs from RedBox in America

Today we show you how to rent DVDs from RedBox in America. Redbox Automated Retail, LLC is a subsidiary of Outerwall, Inc. specializing in DVD, Blu-ray, and v

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How to Return a Redbox Movie

This video was edited off Windows Live Movie Maker, There was problems when this video was edited, and problems uploading the video. Anyway I hope you found thi

Redbox Scam still happening 2 years later

wow redbox

Paper, not DVD, returned to Redbox

Some customers of Redbox are the victim of a ruse and company officials are aware of it happening nationwide.

RedBox DVD Rental Vending Machine

This is just a demonstration video for the folks who don't know what these are. :)

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I wanted to see what people would do if a Redbox movie was laying in front of the kiosk as if someone dropped it. If these movies don't get returned, the person

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Just a quick video telling you how to score new movies (to keep forever) for 5 bucks from redbox machines. Ive bought quite a few to add to my collection and if

How To Rent A DVD From Redbox

This video looks at how one rents a Redbox DVD from its kiosk.

How To Remove Redbox Security Stickers

So recently I picked up several Redbox games for $5. While I'm not a fan of buying disc only games, you can't beat having a $5 game (assuming it's a decent game

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This video is obviously three years old. So most of the info isn't relevant anymore. I talk about how to get Redbox movies for free and what worked for our fa

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Redbox ask's you for a zip code for "verification purposes only" which will deter thief's from getting rentals out of redbox if they don't know your "ZIP CODE"
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