Kiwi vs Saphir: Spit Shine Head to Head!

Kiwi vs Saphir: Spit Shine Head to Head!

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I this video I do a head-to-head test on a pair of Johnston & Murphy Aldrich's to see which one of 3 shoe polishes develops the best and fastest mirror shine. I compare Kiwi neutral to Saphir Pate de Luxe neutral to Saphir Medaille D'Or Mirror Gloss. There is an error in the video... the Aldrich model's full retail price as of the making of this video is $279, not $289 as I state in the video, sorry! Here are a couple videos I refer to: Leather Quality Explained: Aniline? Full Grain? Corrected Grain? Kirby Allison of "The Hanger Project: "How to Mirror Shine Your Shoes": and his website: Justin Fitzpatrick "The Shoe Snob - How to Polish Your Shoes Properly -March 2014"

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First shine on Ferragamos, best shoe shine in Denver, Shoe Shine, ASMR Get the best microfiber rags and chamois cloths from the friendly staff at The Rag Company. Tell them Dornstar sent you! ⚡⚡⚡

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