Should you apply for Hostel ? My Hostel Life

Should you apply for Hostel ? My Hostel Life

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College Shopping | What all things to buy for College

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Relationships and Seniors | Do's and Don't for College Freshers

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The Wrong Girl/Boy - Are you obsessed with her/him ?

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Phone Addiction | How I fight Phone Addiction ?

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10 Things Every New Hosteler Must Buy | Things you find in a Hostelers Room

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5 minute Recipe for Hostlers, PG Students and Future Husbands

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The Harsh Reality of Studying Abroad - YOU WILL BE SHOCKED | Must Watch Before Coming

I am no way trying to discourage anyone from doing undergrad in the US. I am just sharing some personal bad experience while doing Undergrad in the US. For me,

Honest talk #2 | Jee Mains Last 3 months Strategy | by Aman Dhattarwal

Link to Maths Important Topics for JEE Mains : Link to Physics Important Topics for JEE Mains :


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How to be a software engineer at Amazon | Pro-Insights #2

New Channel Apni Kaksha : How to study for Product Based Companies :

My Hostel In Russia| Medical Students Hostel In Russia

In this video I have showed my hostel in Russia. I am a medical student here in Russia and I live in a hostel here. I tried to show the hostel life of Indian st

Types Of Girls In A Hostel Ft. Kritika Avasthi | The Timeliners

Decoding types of girls that live in a hostel. PS: No, Girls do not Pillow Fight. Please subscribe to our channel by clicking the following link to make sure

How to Score good in First Semester of College | Benefits of Good Percentage for GATE,MBA, Post Grad

In this video we will discuss the importance of Graduation marks for MBA, Placements, Post Grad etc Instagram Handle :

Less marks in Boards/ JEE mains | 60% better than 95% ? | My best video

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My YouTube Earnings Revealed | Future Plans | QNA - Episode 1

My First Year College Life : Instagram Handle : Facebook Page : https://www

A must watch for all College Students | Reality | Relationship | Placements | Seniors

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SEXTORTION, SEXTING - You can be next | Do's and Don't | Be safe

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Are you getting distracted by GIRLS/BOYS? | My Solution | Motivational Video

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College - My Morning Routine | 4AM - 9AM

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My Hostel Life In China Ft.Pakistani/Indian Students Life In China

Here I showed my Hostel life in china.. we have indian/pakistani/nepali/ students here , we live together and study together I got a lot of requests to make v
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