Complementary head massage with beard shave, face massage and neck cracking by Reiki master.

Complementary head massage with beard shave, face massage and neck cracking by Reiki master.

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Stamp time Face massage 04:36 beard shave 08:00 head massage 16:00 neck cracking - Today my freind Vishal is on stering role of my channel, he is my subscriber too and always watch the video, mainly of ReiKi master. Few days back , he requested me to take him to Reiki master for head massage service and yesterday Reiki master generally opened his shop for me only. I called vishal to come to his shop. In the last video of Reiki master I got some comments to show shave and haircut skill of the barber. So in this video Barber will show you all his services with complementary head massage . Complementary head massage is very trend of ancient India, customers used to have this while after shave or hair cut on free basis. In point if view this is wrong to take head massage free. It's taje lot of energy . Street barbers generally refuge to give head massage only for this reason, people get addicted to take this as a complementary. In professional saloon customers give the tip along with the fee charge but in small or street barber they fight against the small fee. This is why, the barbers community decided to not provide massage therapy and due to this the diamond of indian massage like Reiki , sarwan, mithu are coming forward to show their skills. Anyways I'm getting emotional, So my freind was so happy , after taking the joy, we gave him nice tip with fee of 25$ and make his day. what ever we give as a tip, he save for his daughter. I planned alot of thing to do but to wake early in the morning is the biggest challenge for me and early morning is the best time to make outdoor videos. Than also , I will make a nice outdoor video with Reiki soon. Even R.M also wants to go outside to refresh his mood. Freinds my freind Vishal is M.R ( Medical Representative) in medicine company and today was his meeting , so he didn't take the complete head and body massage but he will come one time for massage. Freinds please let me know your feedback and share your ideas fir mire interesting videos, I will try my best to make it done. Sleep tight, good night my lovely freinds . Indian barber Tez #indianbarber #headmassage #reikimaster #neckcracking #shave #facemassage

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