How to BULK UP Fast! (TRUTH about "Bulking and Cutting")

How to BULK UP Fast! (TRUTH about "Bulking and Cutting")

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Build muscle and burn body fat at the same time with ATHLEAN-X By far, the most popular question asked by hardgainers is how to bulk up fast while still staying lean. Most answer that question by saying that it's impossible to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. They say that these are two polar opposite goals that require to completely different calorie needs to achieve. I say...that's not true. In fact, they can both be done at the same time if you take the right approach to your workout and nutrition. In this video, I try to dispel the bulking and cutting myth once and for all to show you how to bulk up fast without sacrificing your current leanness. You don't ever have to follow a bulking diet or special workouts to bulk up. Instead, you'll learn how to get big fast by sticking to the only two things you ever need to focus on to get there. A positive nitrogen balance and hypocaloric diet is the winning combination for hardgainers. This approach is the way to add muscle bulk and size, but of the clean variety. Dirty bulking is the process of adding size, but often comprised mostly of just excess body fat. Clean bulking is what we do at ATHLEAN-X. It's the process of adding 100 percent lean athletic muscle. So can you bulk up? Yes. Can you bulk up fast? Yes. Do you have to be fat half of the year to do it? Absolutely not. Watch this video and then get the anti bulking and cutting system used by today's top pro athletes, ATHLEAN-X at Finally, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel at for more advice on how to add muscle size and stay lean year round.

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