Aquascape Gallery Update - 2 weeks in the USA!

Aquascape Gallery Update - 2 weeks in the USA!

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This is my latest update from the GFS Aquascape Gallery before my 2 week trip to the USA. Featuring Nimrod, my betta aquascape nano planted aquarium, Aquascaper 600 Nature Aquarium, Aquascaper 1200 long-term nature aquarium, and African Malawi Cichlid tank. For the next 2 weeks you can expect great content from my trip to Orlando, Houston and Dallas. I'll be at Global Pet Expo, Aquarium Design Group and Aquashella! Let me know in the comments, which place you're most excited to see content from. Keep on scaping! George Green Aqua - Felix Smart Aquarium - Tropica Aquarium Plants - Twinstar - Oase BiOrb Air - Oase Biomaster - Follow me on Instagram - Buy merch - #georgefarmer #aquascape #plantedtank

AQUASCAPES at Interzoo 2018

Beautiful planted tank nature aquarium aquascapes on the Aquaflora. Also the Oliver Knott stand at Interzoo 2018. Plants sponsored by Anubias. Keep on scapin

Aquascape Step by Step Tutorial inside Zoo Flottmann - one of the best Aquascaping Shops in Germany

Click 'SHOW MORE' for full video description and links ► Finally the long awaited Step by Step tutorial from scape I did at Dieter Flottmann's shop - Zoo Flot

Aquascaping Lab - Tutorial Iwagumi Aquarium "Desert Island Beach" (size 40x25x25H 25L) rocks plants


Non-Co2 Aquascape Setup | Waterbox Clear 10

* MORE INFO HERE * Purchase a Clear 10 here | In this video I show you the process of taking down a planted tank and s

Nature Aquarium Aquascape Tutorial - Low Maintenance Home Aquascape Step by Step

How we made this classic Nature Aquarium Layout in an easy to follow 10 minute step by step video. This video walks you through each step of the aquascaping pr

Aquascaping SHADE

Hi guys! This is my new aquascape in my nano tank. Simple as always :) I hope you'll like it :) BIG BIG BIG thank's for your support!!! You guys are awesome! No

[ADAview] 120cm Aquarium Layout: Concave Composition with Driftwood and Epiphytic Plants

[ADAview] 120cm Aquarium Layout: Concave Composition with Driftwood and Epiphytic Plants This video shows a layout creation process at the Nature Aquarium gall

Incredible Guppy Aquascape

I hope all of you enjoy my first attempt at a dragon stone aquascape! Visit Preuss pets: 1127 N Cedar St, Lansing, MI 48906 Fish: Fancy Guppies, hillstream lo

VLOG - Aquascapes and Aquarium Fish at Global Pet Expo 2019

Welcome to this vlog where I give a tour of some of the aquascapes and aquarium fish at Global Pet Expo 2019. What's your aquarium or aquarium fish in the vlo

Pond Life 2 - ZOOM!!!! - Nano Tank || How To: No Filter No Heater No Ferts No co2

Pond Life - Nano Tank || How To: No Filter No Heater No Ferts No co2 My instagram: Hi guys, this is my latest project.

How to Aquascape a Classic Nature Aquarium

I show you how to aquascape a classic Nature Aquarium with help from my new friend, Bryan Jenkins. In this Evolution Aqua Aquascaper 600 aquarium I set up a pla

HOW TO Aquascape on a small budget NON-CO2 injection

How to set up a freshwater planted aquarium fish tank aquascape on a small budget. Use Nature Aquarium principles and aquarium aquatic plants to create a beauti

You WILL NOT believe how old this aquascape is!

This planted tank nature aquarium aquascape is just 4 weeks old. It's an Aquascaper 600 that I aquascaped for my friend, Steven. It's amongst the fastest plant

The Best Aquascapes at Aquatic Experience 2018

A more in-depth look into the winning aquascapes from the Aquatic Experience 2018 in New Jersey. I also look at a stunning ADA Iwagumi Nature Aquarium aquascape

Nature Aquarium Aquascape Tutorial - The ADA Way, By Aquarium Gardens

This Aquascape tutorial covers the step by step process of setting up our latest showroom Nature Aquarium. Using ADA soils, additives and fertilizers (we're now

Aquatic Experience 2018 - Aquascapes, shrimp and bettas

Aquatic Experience New Jersey 2018 first impressions looking at aquascaping, shrimp, Bettas and more! Keep on scaping! Green Aqua -

Aquascaping THE ISLANDS

New setup in my 180L aquarium Music:Ludwig van Beethoven-Moonlight Sonata

Aquascape Tutorial - Inspired by Filipe Oliveira

I set up this Aquascaper 900 planted tank nature aquarium aquascape for Chris, a customer of Aquarium Gardens and new hobbyist fishkeeper and aquascaper. The aq

'Three of Six' aquascape step by step

Hey guys, this is number 'Three of Six' of my aquascaping step by steps. As I mentioned before (that you would know if you watched my video :) all these tanks a

Taming a WILD Jungle Aquascape - Fluval Flex Tutorial

In this video I show you how to tame a jungle aquascape in my Fluval Flex. 3 months of plant growth have to be managed in this planted aquarium using easy Tropi
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