Common Mistakes on the TrueForm Runner and How to Fix Them

Common Mistakes on the TrueForm Runner and How to Fix Them

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This video uncovers many of the common mistakes and then the common corrections that people make on the Trueform Runner. In the video, the instructor walks multiple OPEX Athletes through these pieces: 1. How to properly get on and off of the TrueForm Runner 2. How to avoid looking at their feet 3. How to maintain body position, head to toe, as they run on the runner - they walk on the TrueForm Runner in order for the instructor to see if they can hold position at a slow pace. They put their arms overhead, contract their bellies, and then bring their arms down in order to properly position for their walk. They also work to have their hips "reach" the front of the machine merely for the person to maintain an upright posture 4. How to increase pace on the TrueForm Runner 5. How to keep their feet "quiet" on the TrueForm Runner - people need to listen to how hard they are pounding their feet to help them understand how effectively they're running 6. How to avoid over-striding on the TrueForm Runner - people can put force straight down into the treadmill and have the belt move, so they do not need to reach their feet to the front of the machine to make the belt go 7. How to breathe effectively on the TrueForm - work people to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth and be careful not to immediately run too fast because it messes people's breathing up which destroys their posture 8. How to improve breaks in posture - for ex, working a PVC Pipe or Kettlebell overhead. Also, video analysis is beneficial for people to see their technique This is a great video to improve your ability on a TrueForm or non-motorized treadmill "Runner." Enjoy! OPEX Coaching Education - OPEX Gyms -

Proper Posture on the TrueForm Runner

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