The Best Way to Lose 5 LBS of Body Fat (AND FASTEST!)

The Best Way to Lose 5 LBS of Body Fat (AND FASTEST!)

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Slash body fat here - Subscribe to this channel here - The best way to lose 5 pounds of body fat is a question that I get almost every day. People want to know if burpees are the best exercise for getting the job done. Others want to know if battle ropes or even jump rope are better at burning calories and burning fat. While all of them are at the top of the list for the most calories burned on a minute per minute basis, they still are not the best way to lose five pounds of body fat the fastest. In this video, I show you how you can never outtrain a bad diet. If you refuse to pay attention to the quality of your nutrition and the foods you put in your mouth you are never going to have the low levels of body fat that you desire long term. Sure, anyone can follow a short term diet that allows them to lose fat for a few weeks however if you can’t keep it up then you will never be satisfied with your body fat levels over the course of the year. Mistakenly, people look to exercises as the best way to drop body fat. While you definitely need to train, achieving fat loss is and always will be better accomplished via the right nutrition plan. This goes back to the comment about never being able to outtrain a bad diet. You simply cannot make up enough calorie burn via exercise (even the most intense) to overcome bad food choices. For instance, our very own Jesse is a big sugar fanatic and a worshiper of gummy bears. Just 17 measly gummy bears has 150 calories. Even if Jesse were to do 10 minutes straight of high effort high intensity burpees, he would only burn 120 calories and he would lose that battle with a net calorie gain of 30. Now Jesse, being a hardgainer, is not concerned at the moment with his body fat levels. He was the only one wiling to do the burpees while I talked during the video being the good sport that he is. If you are looking to burn 5 lbs of fat however, you need to be sure that you are paying attention to what really matters. Your nutrition will always be at the top of the priority list for getting that job done. Now, does that mean that conditioning exercises like burpees, jump rope, battle ropes and split squat jumps don’t have a place in your workout program if you need to lose fat? Not at all. In fact, with a good nutrition approach in place these exercises become even more effective since they compliment the losses that you are already making because of your improved diet. Not just that, each of these exercises helps to improve your stamina, work capacity, endurance, power endurance and your heart. If you are looking for a way to improve your nutrition and get it locked in almost effortlessly 365 days a year, then head to and get one of the ATHLEAN-X Training Systems that best fits your goals. If pure fat loss is at the top of your list then you should opt for Max Shred. If, like Jesse, muscle gain is your priority but you don’t want to gain fat in the process then look for the Max Size program. If you are looking for more videos on how to eat to burn fat and the best fat burning workouts, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at

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