Real or Fake Pokemon Challenge With My Sister!

Real or Fake Pokemon Challenge With My Sister!

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My sister has wanted to do a video with me for a while now so I decided to have her try out the Real or Fake Pokemon Challenge! While she's played through multiple Pokemon games before she hasn't played Pokemon Sun and Moon or Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon so we will see if she can tell the difference between New Pokemon and Fake Pokemon! Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Twitch: Join My Discord Server: Graphic Designer: January Patreons: Michael G NightsVeil Ashley E David Z Andros G Aaron A Chucknorify17 Tom F Chance Jonathan S Fish Mark D holden G Jonathan G Rene V Fake Pokemon Credit: Alolan Typhlosion & Alolan Magcargo: Radacwat: Wormgast: Tranduf: Fragma: Icicroak:

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