NEXT XBOX Series X: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

NEXT XBOX Series X: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

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Xbox Series X has been officially announced at the 2019 Game Awards. Here's everything we know about the graphics, backwards compatibility, CPU, design, size, ram & more. Subscribe for more:

7 CANCELLED EA Games That Were Big Mistakes

Over the years, EA Games has earned a reputation for cancelling games and shutting down projects. Here are some cool ones that will never see the light of day.

PS5 Launch Game Confirmed. Xbox Series X Announced: Here's What I Think. - [LTPS #391]

LINK TO GIVEAWAY: Okay hold on everyone! BIG news from The Game Awards this year, not only did we get a releas

I got rid of my OLED... for a GAMING TV

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Xbox Series X: Are You SERIOUS?

Microsoft just surprised announced the next gen Xbox Series X. 🎮 We built our own PS5/Series X: Every Xbox ever c

Let's Tolerate Super Gout Man Odyssey, Pig's Awakening, Shadow of the Pigroach and Outer Office!

It's Saturday night so let's make it a Detractor Saturday and tolerate some disasters! If you're enjoying the stream then please give it a like and check out th

One In A Million Coincidences You'll Have To See To Believe

Suggest a topic here to be turned into a video: Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► h

Xbox Series X Reactions and Analysis - Unlocked 423

Emergency Unlocked episode! We simply HAVE to talk about Microsoft's big announcement at The Game Awards, in which they announced both the name of Project Scarl

10 CREEPY Locations in 2019 Video Games

Some of the best video games have creepy moments, intentional or not. Here are our favorite examples from 2019 video games. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.c

Does Xbox Series X Look Good? - Hot Take

Xbox's Project Scarlett is no more. Meet the Xbox Series X. 🕹️Free Hot Take Podcast Here!: 📲Follow on Twitter: https://twi

PS5 vs Xbox Series X - What You Should Know! | The Tech Chap

Microsoft just unveiled the Xbox Series X, their next-gen console which will go HEAD-TO-HEAD with Sony's Playstation 5 in Holiday 2020. So what do we know so fa

Hasan Puts #YangGang To The Test | Deep Cuts | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

On the latest Deep Cuts, Hasan is joined by 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Watch as the two discuss the threats of automation, the media blackout of Y

The Fastest Xbox of All Time

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10 Current-Gen Chinese Consoles You Probably Didn't Know Of

You might know the main gaming consoles of this generation, but with every nice console comes a bootleg version. Here are our favorite examples from China. Subs

Here's How Big the Xbox Series X Is (Our Best Guess)

Microsoft's next-generation console has finally been revealed. So how does it stack up to other consoles and fruit, you ask? We were wondering too. #ign

7 Things Nintendo Switch Hackers Have Accomplished

Nintendo Switch is an amazing platform for gamers - but what about people who want to do more? Hackers have done some wild things with The Switch. Here's some y

Everything We Know About The Next Generation Xbox (So Far)

The Xbox Series X was revealed last night at The Game Awards and since then a ton of information has been released with press releases and interviews being publ

7 WORST Gaming Habits You Need To Stop Right Now

Gaming has likely trained you to do some little things you may not even realize. Here are some examples. Subscribe for more:

Microsoft Officially Reveals More Features And Specs Of The Xbox Series X

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PS1 Was Released 25 years Ago...Share Your Memories

The PlayStation was released 25 years ago today in Japan on December 3rd, 1994. We wanted to share some of our favorite memories here. Subscribe for more: http:

Nintendo Switch Games Holiday Buying Guide & What To AVOID!

Is the Nintendo Switch worth buying this Christmas? Which Nintendo Switch games are worth the price? Games for Switch worth the price & some that are not! Is Po
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