ZoneMinder vs iSpy vs Blue Iris | Setup | Comparison

ZoneMinder vs iSpy vs Blue Iris | Setup | Comparison

ReliableIPTV IPTV Private Server + IKS 1 Year No Monlthy Fees

The three most popular security camera DIY NVRs are ZoneMinder, iSpy, and Blue Iris. Blue Iris is the gold standard but it requires Windows and cost $70. Could I get away with "totally free" with ZoneMinder? Maybe use Windows but otherwise go free with iSpy? Or is Blue Iris worth the money? All must be: 1. Able to detect intruders in a specified zone 2. Remotely viewable via a mobile app 3. Able to push an alert to my phone ** MY AMAZON STORE ** ** RELATED ** Lorex LNB4421 PoE IP Security Cameras : TP-Link TL-SG1008P PoE Switch : Blue Iris: ZoneMinder: iSpy: ** MORE REGULAR UPDATES ** ** THIS IN TEXT FORM **

NVR I use to Monitor all my Security Cameras - Blue Iris

A look at what NVR Software I landed on to monitor my mixed bag of security cameras. Want a secure and fast VPN? Hate Netflix Ge

Blue Iris Detailed Tutorial - The Best Security Camera Software

This video details the security camera software I use called Blue Iris. I go through every menu and talk in great detail about how I set everything up. I use 4

Custom Floating Media Console | Mid-Century Modern | Woodworking

I created a floating media console to hold all of the AV equipment in our living room. With a few minor tweaks, this could have been made with a single sheet o

My Top 5 Security Cameras of 2018!

A break down of my Top 5 favorite cameras of 2018! #Amcrest #Security #Cameras kind of stole the show this year...will 2019 bring anything different? Camera Pr

Zoneminder for Video Surveillance on Openmediavault

We will install Zoneminder to provide video surveillance and motion recording using Openmediavault and the cameras we already have. For the RaspberryPi, there

Raspberry Pi Surveillance Monitor

How to use a Raspberry Pi as a Surveillance Monitor. This setup features a 3.5" display as part of the Raspberry Pi case. I'm using it to display one camera o

Zoneminder install easy fast like a man! tutorial with foscam ip cameras free

VIEW THIS IN HIGH RESOLUTION. CLICK ON GEAR AND CHOSE HD Install zoneminder with Foscam FI8918W Pan_Tilt Camera Foscam FI8904W Outdoor IP camera text documen

How to Use a $20 Wyze Cam with Any RTSP Security System / NVR / DVR ! Wyze Firmware Update

Buy it on Amazon - (affiliate link) - The (OpenIPC) firmware will make your $20 Wyze camera work with virtually any home security

Raspberry Pi MotionEyeOS Network Camera

Raspberry Pi surveillance camera setup using motionEyeOS. Turn your Pi into a motion detection network camera system! Links to the resources used in this video

Setup and Review of the UniFi Video NVR On Linux & The UniFi Phone APP

Amazon Affiliate Store Things we love including computers, software, services, gadgets, and of course hot s

DVR vs NVR the main differences and comparing features

Lorex sells two types of security recorders - Network Video Recorders (NVR) and Digital Video Recorders (DVR). This video will briefly explain the fundamental d

IPcam: Best 4K (8MP) IP camera of 2018 (Demo footage!)

What are the best 4K IP cameras you can buy in 2018? In this video we will discuss several types and there is lots of sample footage! Have more questions, let

2018 Blue Iris & Nest hack... Record your Nest Cams without Nest Aware!!

I made a video in the past that provided instructions on how to record your Nest Camera's without having to pay for Nest Aware. With all the updates to both t

DIY Home Security - ON A BUDGET!

In this video I'll be showing you how to make a low cost DIY home security setup using recycled laptop webcams! Don't forget to add security to your internet wi

Blue Iris - Watchdog Feature

Here at HomeTech Video we design and install custom high quality camera systems. For more information please visit our website at

Overbuilt a new Blue Iris NVR & Tested Shucked Drives

In dire need of better performance, I decided to use my old x99 system with a Zotac 980 Ti for better performance overall with CUDA. This makes it a dedicated B

Which Style/Type of Security Camera Should I Buy?

Product Links: 4MP Hikvision Dome Camera on Amazon: 4MP Hikvision Bullet Camer

How to Build a Cloud Connected Security Camera for $30 with Raspberry Pi and Kerberos.

How to Build a Cloud Connected Security Camera for $30 with Raspberry Pi and Kerberos.

Ispy software and setting up your cameras 6 of 6 Covers setting a static IP address, port forwarding, online checking of port forwarding, creating a free DDNS account. Making

Beefy NVR Server Build

This is a build of a super beefy NVR. Chris Sherwood with Crosstalk Solutions is available for best practice network, WiFi, VoIP, and PBX consulting services.
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