The Shocking History Behind My Cursed Necklace

The Shocking History Behind My Cursed Necklace

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Today's video is about the entire history of the cursed necklace I was given! NEW Spring & Summer Merch: NEW Merch Website: Social Media: Instagram: @Jessiivee Twitter: @JessiiVee Facebook: Snapchat: jessiiveesnaps My Other Channels: Vlog Channel: Moot: PO BOX: Jessii Vee #57012 Brampton, Ontario Canada L6Z 0E7 Get a personalized video from me: Get a personalized letter from me: Use my invite code, uberjessiivee, and get a free ride up to $25. Redeem it at:

Wearing My Cursed Necklace For A Day

So I decided to wear my cursed necklace for an entire day! Here's what happened... MY TOUR DEMAND LINK: Click here to become

I Got A New Tattoo And Then This Happened... | Storytime

So I got a new tattoo yesterday... and then something storytime worthy happened right after... NEW Spring & Summer Merch: NEW Merch Websi

DO NOT Play These Scary Sleepover Games ...

Today I'm going to be talking about some paranormal sleepover games that you should NEVER play! Harmony Nice's Video: Her channel:

Sister Caught A Ghost In Her Snapchat Photo

This is definitely one of the scariest things I've ever seen! My sister somehow caught a ghost in her Snapchat photo while she was exploring abandoned buildings

I Found A 'HELP ME' Note In My Cereal Box

Today's storytime happened back when I was in elementary school! It was a prank that went very wrong.... NEW Spring & Summer Merch: NEW M

Storytime: My Realistic Baby Doll Is BREATHING (With Picture) Sub Story #4

Today's subscriber story theme is dolls... Giveaway video: My Vlog Channel: Younow: www.youn

The Creepiest IHOP In The World | Haunted Restaurants

Today I'm continuing my haunted restaurant series with the most haunted IHOP in the world! NEW Spring & Summer Merch: NEW Merch Website:

DISTURBING Spongebob Conspiracy Theories | Krabby Patty Secret

Today I'm going to be talking about some Spongebob conspiracy theories! My Vlog Channel: Younow: Spring Surprise

These Men Keep Coming To My House | HELP (W/ Pictures)

Today's video is a bunch of mini storytimes about strange people that have showed up at my house... NEW Spring & Summer Merch: NEW Merch

CURSED Jewelry That Could Kill You

Jewelry you should never wear because of their evil powers. Subscribe to our channel: For copyright matters please contact us at: david.f

Someone Came To My Door Asking For RYAN | Attic Man Update

I have a ton of information that I found out about Ryan! This is probably the last attic man update I'll do because now we know! MY TOUR DEMAND LINK: https://to

DO NOT Let This Girl In Your Car

Today we are continuing the "It's Near You" series, we're covering all the places in Arkansas! My Vee Vlogs Channel:

My Creepy Encounter At The 99 Cent Store | Storytime

Today I have a storytime for you about my creepy experience at the 99 cent store today...along with 2 other mini storytimes! Click here to become an official ch

Reacting To SCARY Tik Tok Videos

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be reacting to some Tik Tok videos... Meet & Greet Tickets: NEW Notification Narwhal Plushies: https://goo.g

What Is This Strange Creature On My Porch?

So the other day my security camera caught this strange animal on my porch. When I shared it with you guys you thought it was some sort of mythical creature! If

My 'Bad Luck' Stories From This Week

Today I have a bunch of mini storytimes talking about all the crazy bad luck I've had this week! NEW Spring & Summer Merch: NEW Merch Web

Why I'm Afraid Of My Bathroom

Today's storytime is about why I was afraid to go into my bathroom the other week.... NEW Spring & Summer Merch: NEW Merch Website: https

Reacting To REAL Haunted Dolls On Ebay (W/Footage Of Them Moving)

Today I'm looking through some real haunted dolls on Ebay! Support Me On Patreon: My Vlog Channel: Younow: www.
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