Subaru Telescope Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe

Subaru Telescope Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe

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Piercing the clouds high atop the dormant volcano of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii sits the Subaru Telescope, the jewel of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. Built by Mitsubishi Electric, the telescope is one of the world's largest single-mirror reflectors. Its wide field of view is more than 1,000 times that of the Hubble Space Telescope. It can be fitted with an array of precision instruments and sensors, of which the newest addition is the Hyper Suprime-Cam, the world's largest and most powerful digital camera. The HSC was designed to take high-resolution pictures of deep space. The lens and imaging sensors were specially designed to study a phenomenon called "gravitational lensing" in which faint light from distant galaxies is bent by the invisible presence of dark matter. This new field of research is the specialty of cosmologist Dr. Satoshi Miyazaki, who oversaw the development of the HSC. J-TECH examines this leading edge technology and explores the far reaches of modern astronomical observation, which is leading us to an ever-deeper understanding of where we come from and where we are likely going.

Pluto and Beyond - Nova Documentary 2019

When the New Horizons spacecraft whizzed by Pluto in 2015, we Earthlings were dazzled by the breathtaking images it beamed home. They revealed a never-before-se

The accelerating Universe: Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt

In 1998 two teams traced back the expansion of the universe over billions of years and discovered that it was accelerating. It was a startling discovery that su

Faces of Earth - Assembling America

From the Pacific Northwest to the shores of the Atlantic seaboard, the breadth and scope of America is like no other place on Earth. Travel with geoscientists

Black Holes and the High Energy Universe - Dark Energy and Dark matter

Do black holes really exist? What is the nature of quasars? How are supernovas formed, and what elements do they contain? Just decades ago, these questions rema

Seeing Beyond - The James Webb Space Telescope

The Webb Space Telescope is NASA's next great orbiting observatory and the Hubble Space Telescope's successor. This video, narrated by "Deep Astronomy" host Ton

How Far Away Is It - 2017 Review - Gamma Ray Bursts

Text & Music at: Music free version:

ESOcast 84: The New E-ELT Design Unveiled

ESO has awarded the biggest contract in ground-based astronomy — to build the E-ELT dome and telescope structure. So it’s a good time to take a look at what

Rethinking Reality: Space, Time and Gravity

With Sam Gralla. At the dawn of the twentieth century, Einstein revolutionized our conception of reality, showing that space and time are not merely the stage o

Inside the Isaac Newton Telescope - Deep Sky Videos

Behind the scenes at the Isaac Newton Telescope, on La Palma, Canary Islands. Filmed and narrated by Brady Haran. With thanks to Rafael Barrena who was operatin

♫♫♫ 100+ Hubble Space Telescope Photos ♥ Ultra HD (4K) ♥ Relax Music ♥ 1 Hour ♥ Slideshow

You can free use my videos. *DONATION* If you like what i'm doing, give your share to show you like! ------------------------ The Hubble Sp

Atom: The Illusion Of Reality | Science Documentary | Reel Truth Science

In this 3rd episode of Atom 'The Illusion of Reality', scientists explore how reality is just an illusion... The most important scientific discovery of the t

Pulsars, Magnetars, Black Holes (Oh My!): The Wickedly Cool Stellar Undead

The biggest stars burn the fastest and brightest, and when they die, they do so spectacularly, exploding as supernovae and leaving behind some of the most fanta

Universe: Beyond the Millennium - Planets

"Universe: Beyond the Millennium" is a television series observing astronomical phenomena, research, and theories on the universe and its origins. Narrated by

How Old Is It - 03 - Big Bang ΛCDM Cosmology (4K)

Text at We begin with the discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation. We cover Recombination, Decoupling

Monster of the Milky Way

Astronomers are closing in on the proof they’ve sought for years that one of the most destructive objects in the universe - a super massive black hole - lurks

Extremely Large Telescope - Deep Sky Videos

We're on the peak where ESO plans to build the E-ELT - the European Extremely Large Telescope. Later descriptions from Mike Merrifield (University of Nottingha

Mission to Pluto and Beyond - Space Documentary

Mission to Pluto, Documentary (2011). This documentary is from archive and if you already watch it, you dont need to watch. This is for those who missed to watc

Brian Greene on The B-Theory of Time

Brian Greene explains that the B-Theory of Time is the correct view of time according to Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity.

Science of SLAC | A Deep Look for Dark Energy: Science and Discovery with the LSST

Today we understand matter in a comprehensive way: molecules made of atoms, atoms made of protons, neutrons and electrons, protons and neutrons made of quarks a

Do We Live In An Infinite Universe? Featuring Paul Sutter

You can now support us on Patreon! Event Horizon's Website: Do We Live In An Infini

Apollo 17: The Untold Story of the Last Men on the Moon (Space Documentary) - Real Stories

The remarkable story of the determination and courage of a generation. A tribute to three brave astronauts and the thousands of men and women behind them during

What Lies at the Center of the Universe?

If something exists, then logic dictates it must have a centre -a juicy..' Bonus Video @Patreon: Narration provided by

Unboxing: OneSky 130 – Best Inexpensive Telescope 4K Video's Dave Brody sets-up this amazing tabletop Dobsonian. Nearly half your purchase price ($200) goes to support science education around the world (throu

James Webb Space Telescope Launch and Deployment

Northrop Grumman is proud to lead the industry team building NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. This revolutionary observatory is the largest telescope built fo

The Amazing World Of Gravity (Full Physics Documentary) | Spark

From the award-winning team that brought you The Secret Life of Chaos comes a unique television event on the physics of gravity, featuring unexpected historical

What Really is Magnetism? : Documentary on the Science of Magnetism (Full Documentary)

What Really is Magnetism? : Documentary on the Science of Magnetism (Full Documentary).

Giant Telescopes of the Future

Astronomy is big science. It's a vast Universe out there, and the exploration of the cosmos requires huge instruments. This is the 5-meter Hale reflector on P

KEPLER 186F - LIFE AFTER EARTH - Documentary Science #Advexon

If Alien exist where do they live and how do they live? Scientists say a world that's 490 light-years away qualifies as the first confirmed Earth-sized exoplane

The Future of Space Telescopes | Space Time

Viewers like you help make PBS (Thank you 😃) . Support your local PBS Member Station here: The mysteries of our universe seem

Deeper than the Hubble Deep Field

In landmark observations, the MUSE instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile has given astronomers the best ever three-dimensional view of the deep Un
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