Human Meets Humanoid | World's Strangest

Human Meets Humanoid | World's Strangest

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What if you couldn't tell the difference between man and machine? Meet the man who has invented the world's most life-like android. | For more World's Strangest, visit Catch World's Strangest Tuesdays at 8/7c on Science Channel! Subscribe to Science Channel! | Check out SCI2 for infinitely awesome science videos. Every day. | Download the TestTube app! |

Tonight Showbotics: Jimmy Meets Sophia the Human-Like Robot

Jimmy Fallon demos amazing new robots from all over the world, including an eerily human robot named Sophia that plays rock-paper-scissors. Subscribe NOW to Th

8 Incredible Lifelike HUMANOID ROBOTS You Should See

8 Incredible Lifelike HUMANOID ROBOTS You Should See --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscri

Silk Skin Armor | Futurescape

Watch as scientists replace genes in goats to create an impenetrable silk skin. | For more Futurescape, visit

Reptilian Humanoids of Ancient Ur Hold Secrets Of Mankind's Creation

Latest Uploads From The Cosmos News

This Real Life Transformer Turns Fiction Into Reality

#Outrageous_Acts Powered by an impressive hydrolic system, this ordinary car can be transformed into a standing, waving, auto-bot. Full Episodes Streaming FREE

China Panic: Trump is reportedly ready to sell dozens of new fighter jets to Taiwan

The Trump administration is reportedly ready to approve the sale of dozens of new fighter jets to Taiwan, and China is not happy about it, Bloomberg News report

Mars Vehicles and Written Language: Are You Down with the Truth or Not?

Get on board with us or get left behind. It's that simple. There is too much evidence. Houston Conference: Image via NASA/

Monster Magnet

#Outrageous_Acts Wednesdays 9/8c on Science Channel This mysterious goo gobbles up everything in its path. It's mesmerizing to watch and a lesson in magnetism.

Artificial Bio-Android On Live News? (February 2012)

Do you think this is a natural human? Watch till the end. Recorded live on February 24, 2012. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 19

Did This Guy Really Figure Out How To Talk To Dogs?

#Outrageous_Acts A video went viral where a man seems to be having conversations with dogs. Our scientists explain what's really going on. Full Episodes Streami

10 Scariest A.I. Robot Moments

Here are the scariest things ever said or done by artificial intelligent robots. They will soon take over the world! Links to videos in this list: Alexa: https


Credits Riona Kapoor Flipkart

Inside the Japanese Hotel Staffed by Robots

If there’s one place on Earth you can already get a glimpse of our robot-assisted future, it’s Japan. Routinely at the forefront of robotics research, the c

Bina 48 Meets Bina Rothblatt - Part One

More on Bina48: BINA 48 (Breakthrough Intelligence via Neural Architecture, 48 exaflops per second processing speed and 48 exa

The Most Realistic Robots! (2018)

Subscribe here: How BIG is Disney: Check out the previous episode:

Running on Water | Outrageous Acts of Science

#Outrageous_Acts Wednesdays 9/8c on Science Channel This liquid mountaineering video went viral when it was released but, sorry, it was a hoax. We have to ask:

5 Most BEAUTIFUL LifeLike ROBOTS Ever Created

5 Most BEAUTIFUL Humanoid ROBOTS/ Androids Ever Created Watch Part 2 here: In this video, i listed out the top 5 most intelligent

Robot Sophia Got Shut Down by her Creator

Robot Sophia Got Shut Down by her Creator Thank you for watching... Please support this channel by SUBSCRIBING... Don't FORGET to HIT Like and Share ☮ Ki

What Scientific Trickery Has Rendered These Strong Men Helpless?

#Outrageous_Acts This magic trick makes it impossible for this woman to be picked up! Full Episodes Streaming FREE on Science GO: https://www.sciencechannelgo.c

Interacting with an Android

Meet Bina48, she is an android capable of interacting with humans. Her creators note that Star Trek originally imagined a similar form of artificial intelligenc
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