Funga Alafia

Funga Alafia

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Lynn Kleiner's Music Box presents Funga Alafia as performed by Music Rhapsody students.

Pick Up Music - Funga Alafia

Pick Up Music 是 Orff4kids 最新推出的重點課程!以奧福為理念,帶領小朋友以身體感受音樂,再以樂器表達,由淺入深教授音

Funga alafia

Danza africana para niños de Primero de Educación Primaria. Sencilla.

Angola 1 Funga Alafia Youtube

Benefizkonzert für Angola - 22.1.2016 - Konzerthaus Klagenfurt - Dirigentin Veronika Stern-Piko / benefični koncert za Angolo - 22.1.2016 - Dom glasbe Celovec

Funga Alafia Grade 4 (Arrangement Doug Goodkin)


Rhythm action sequences

If you love singing games I have a free gift for you. Click on the link to find out how you can claim access to a free digital singing games book & DVD for 4 -

Willowbee (Hello Song)

Willowbee is the new Hello Song from Music Box Downloads. Visit If you're not a member yet, join today for many more videos, lesson

Funga Alafia

5th Graders performing Funga Alafia a welcoming song.

Funga Alafia

Liberian welcome song. The basic translation is "I welcome you with my mind, my voice, my heart and I come in peace". Orff Level 2, Cobb County GA. Karis on

Somebody that I used to know - versió Orff (Gotye)

Somebody that I used to know (Gotye) Versió Orff Arranjaments Orff, gravació i edició: Pau Ortolà Gravat a l' I.E.S. Vicente Gandia (Vva. de Castelló) 2014

Round de doo bop

A fun singing game. Would you like some time back in your life. We have created incredible, progressive, skill-based lesson plans accompanied by over 600 videos


Body Percussion, Musica & Didattica - Salvo Russo

How to Teach Primary Music Lessons

Welcome to the J and C Academy Music Masterclass Video. Watch closely as Molly demonstrates key skills and techniques to maximise and embed learning with her KS

Orff Schulwerk Lesson from We're Orff - Big Balls - Little Balls

This lesson comes from a unit called "Bounce" in We're Orff 3. WE’RE ORFF 3! (upper primary) The program that trains you in Orff Method while you teach. www.b

Funga Alafia

Please practice as much as you can. Don't forget if you are part one or part two!

Bim Bum ~ A Clapping Game Song

Bim Bum is a fast and fun clapping game song that's sung on the words "Bim Bum Biddy Biddy Bum". It's an easy song to sing but a tough song to master! Have fun!

Epoi Tai Tai E

We're Orff - Fiddle Diddle Dee This is the second unit from We're Orff, the new Orff Method resource from Bushfire Press. We're Orff' aims to 'demystify' the Orff

PreK, Kindergarten Hello Song (Sing Hello), Orff version

Sing Hello, Here We Go! is the new Hello Song for transitions, movement and playing instruments. The Music Rhapsody teachers practiced the 4-6 year old accompan
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