New Interactive Robot Goddesses Unveiled in East China

New Interactive Robot Goddesses Unveiled in East China

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Two new interactive robots, both named Jia Jia, were recently unveiled by the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in Hefei, capital of east China's Anhui Province. The robots looked very much like real women. They were developed by a robot research and development team at the USTC. It took the team three years to research and develop the new-generation interactive robots, which can speak, show micro-expressions, move their lips, and move their bodies, according to the team director Chen Xiaoping. Compared to previous interactive robots, Jia Jia Robots' eyeballs roll naturally and their speech is in sync with their lip movements, in addition to their human-like forms, Chen said. The robots would have unexpected answers to normal questions. For example, if you ask them whether they have dinner, they will say you eat whatever you want and treat yourself better; if you say you want to go to bed, they will say good night and warn that you should not snore to annoy others. "The robots can be used to serve the people in public places including banks, malls, business offices and science and technology museums. They can also accompany the elders. Interactions between robots and humans will be ushered in a new phase: robots cannot only have simple talks with customers but also emotional communication with them," said Chen. The team also developed the model service robot "Kejia" that can be used to conduct domestic service. Chen said he hoped these service robots can enter ordinary families in the future but costs for such robots are still too high for normal families to afford. He said cost for each "Kejia" is around 1 million yuan and Jia Jia Robots were priceless. "In terms of reducing costs, we need to lower costs of major components of robots like sensors. More and more research and development teams and even some factories are producing sensors and other components, so significant technical progress is to be expected in the next few years," said Chen. More on:!language=1 Subscribe us on Youtube: CCTV+ official website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:

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La Chine introduit Jia Jia, son premier robot humanoïde. Journaliste: Catherine Gignac
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