Athletics Politics - Michael Johnson Interview

Athletics Politics - Michael Johnson Interview

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Michael Johnson being interviewed by Sue Barker on BBC Television on 24th March 2006, Day 9 of the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. The British 4 x 100m Relay squad had just failed to get the baton around. The text over the interview has been added to emphasise that UK Athletics are the problem. Athletics in the United Kingdom is contested under UK Athletics rules. As administrators, UK Athletics should maintain a role of strict impartiality between athletes, yet they fund some and not others based on subjective criteria. They assist some with medical support and not others. The very existence of UK Athletics undermines the bedrock of fairness and equality for all in athletics. They contaminate the environment have been shown in the long term to harm more than they help the athletes they seek to assist. The AAA of England were the guardians of the sport's values in England. UK Sport and Sport England forced the effective closure of the AAA's and have created a "Son of" UK Athletics, called England Athletics who will do as they are told, and have responsibility for developing talent. What business does any governing body have in identifying and developing talent, unless it develops all talent equally. Athletes must be allowed to emerge naturally, based on equality and fairness in competition. If funding is available, it must be distributed based solely on results in the national championships in a transparent way, not as the result of an interview or the recommendations of a senior coach. See: SLASH foster SLASH altern.pdf for a paper presenting the way forward for the sport of athletics.

Justin Gatlin: Michael Johnson & Steve Cram hit back at bias claim

Former Olympic champion Michael Johnson has defended his criticism of Justin Gatlin's following complaints from the sprinter's agent Renaldo Nehemiah. The agen

ESPN Exclusive | Michael Johnson on Usain Bolt, Oscar Pistorius and PED's

ESPN's Dan Williams talks to US track legend Michael Johnson on why London will deliver a great Olympics, how Usain Bolt can break his 400m record and why Oscar

Michael Johnson- Sydney Olympics 400m

Michael Johnson achieves victory in Sydney in a time of 43.84 to become the first man to successfully defend his Olympic 400m title. RESULTS: 1 Michael Johnso

Donovan Bailey vs Michael Johnson

Rob Sinclair reporting for Global Sportsline in Toronto

4x400m World Record

The men's World Record in the 4x400m relay, set at the 1998 Goodwill Games. Relay members were Jerome Young, Antionio Pettigrew, Tyree Washington and Michael J

MVP-300m Training runs-Kingston-april 2010.mpg

MVP 300m training test in Kingston April 2010.

Michael Johnson taking charge?

Has Michael Johnson become so embarrassed/fed up with Ortis, that he has decided to conduct his own interviews? Also he notices they need to cut away before Ort

Michael Johnson: 400m Guide

Michael Johnson gives his guide to the 400m race. Along with Iwan Thomas.

Michael Johnson TIME interview at Beyond Sport Summit 2012

The full-length TIME interview with Olympic legend Michael Johnson, speaking at the Beyond Sport Summit 2012.

Because he is Usain Bolt

BBC analysis of 200m men finals at 2015 World Athletics Championship in Beijing. Gabby Logan and Michael Johnson.

Usain Bolt tribute by Michael Johnson [Subtitles added]

Michael Johnson pays tribute to sprinter Usain Bolt who retired at the end of the London 2017 World Athletics Championships. Michael Johnson is joined in the st

TOP 10 | 100m Track and Field Sprints Until 2015 | HD

This video show a compilation of the best 100m sprints until this year! Hope you enjoyed. Like & Subscribe. Song: Unison - Reality If you have a request for t

Michael Johnson Downhill Skier - BBC Inside Sport Special

BBC Inside Sport Special from 8 February 2010 prior to the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Full copyright belongs to the BBC

Michael Johnson and Mark Lewis Francis chat

MLF and MJ speak to each other the day after the euro 100m 2010 race.

Michael Johnson 400 guide/Commonwealth 400m final 2014

Michael Johnson in another 400m guide plus his analysis on the Commonwealth Mens 400m.

1996 US Olympic Trials - Men's 200 Meters (Michael Johnson WR)

Michael Johnson (World Record), Jeff Williams, Michael Marsh

Michael Johnson analyzes Usain Bolt's sprinting Athletics / 100m

Take part in a Giveaway, to win a new iPhone 7! Only e-mail signup required! Michael Johnson analyzes Usain Bolt's sprinting At

Usain Bolt: 'Tyson Gay hates my guts'

The World's fastest man tell Richard Bacon about his rivalry with fellow 100 metre sprinter, Tyson Gay.
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