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Women Boxers of Ireland

LIKE | SHARE | COMMENT | SUBSCRIBE | THANK YOU!!! We spent some time with Ireland's fiercest girl boxers to ...

Female boxer of Palestine: I feel special - and strong

"SOCIETY THINKS I AM CRAZY" 🥊♀ - says Lisa Amer Al-Taweel, 30-year-old accountant: “They think I am weird. But I do not really care what society thinks

#AsianGames2018 will see India's women boxers taking up tough challenges with tougher determination.

AsianGames2018 will see India's women boxers taking up tough challenges with tougher determination.Let's be a part of their journey by sending them all the ...

The challenges facing female boxers in Uganda

Men's boxing in Uganda has had its fair share of success with legends like Ayub Kalule and Brian Mayanja making their mark on the international scene.

Women's Boxing Scores Big at London 2012

The US, Ireland and Britain celebrated the fighters who took home the first Olympic boxing gold medals for women. The event proved popular, and some ...

Pregnancy test on women boxers: Rule or regressive?

On Prime Time we ask - is the mandatory rule by AIBA for women boxers to carry certificates declaring they are not pregnant to participate in World ...

Beautiful Brawlers V WOMEN'S BOXING AT IT'S FINEST...!

Featuring WBC Women's Champions, Beautiful Brawlers... Beautiful Brawlers 5, coming your way in November 2015, from the Pacifica Moose Lodge in Pacifica ...

Women's Boxing Club Ident 1

Birminghams WBC Womens Boxing Club fronting the latest BBC 1 Ident 2017.

The many faces of Women's Boxers in Canada.

Shooting at the 2015 Elites Canadian Championships at Mississauga, Ontario By Way Productions.


Shoot The Five with Xavier Porter speaks with WBC Silver Super Featherweight Champion #RonicaJeffrey (17-1, 1 KOs) ahead of the #thurmanlopez WBA ...

CRAZY FIGHTING GIRLS (Martial Arts Edition)

Karate, Kickboxing and extreme martial arts girls.

Will Hooley meets: Laura Pagliaro, the Bedford boxer inspiring women into sport

Fast with her feet as well with her hands, the smiling enthusiastic character of Bedford amateur boxer Laura Pagliaro quite literally, as well as metaphorically

WOMEN BOXERS: Shadow Boxing

Letting off steam shadow boxing.

Joe Rogan | What is the Difference Between Male & Female MMA Fighters w:Gabby Reese

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1277 w/Gabrielle Reece:

Best Ugandan Female Junior Boxers 2019: Rossete Nakigude, Jesca Nakiride, Evelyn Karungi

Uganda Female Boxers: Although women have participated in boxing for almost as long as the sport has existed, female fights have been effectively outlawed ...

Ukrainian Women Boxers at Assam State Zoo || Guwahati

ইউক্ৰেইনৰ পৰা গুৱাহাটীত উপস্থিত হোৱা ৰাষ্ট্ৰীয় মহিলা বক্স

Why doesn't the public like women boxers

Question to the public.

Women's boxing to make Olympic debut at London 2012 Games

Thousands of athletes are starting to arrive in London for the Olympics. And SOME will make history just by turning up, as female boxing is making its debut at

Mary Kom wins fifth Gold Medal in Asia Women's Boxing Championship

Olympic winner Mary Kom won her fifth gold medal in the ASBC Asian Confederation Women's boxing Championship. She defeated North Korea's Kim ...

Women boxers Sarita and Pinki optimistic about their win at CWG 2018 - Sports News

New Delhi, Mar 15 (ANI): Indian boxer Sarita Devi is preparing herself to face the toughest challenges at the Common Wealth Games. During an exclusive chat ...
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