DO NOT Go Near Your Washing Machine | Storytime

DO NOT Go Near Your Washing Machine | Storytime

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amazon scams Amazon scams Story

Today's story is about a very scary laundry room at my friend's house! My Vlog Channel: Younow: Spring Surprise Packs: PO BOX: #57012 Brampton, Ontario Canada L6Z 0E7 Shop My Merch: Vee Team Bracelets: Vlog Channel: Twitter: @JessiiVee ( ) Instagram: @jessiivee ( ) Snapchat: @jessiiveesnaps Facebook: Handwritten Letter From Me: Surprise Packs: Use my invite code, uberjessiivee, and get a free ride up to $25. Redeem it at: (secret)

NEVER Leave Your Christmas Tree On Past Midnight

Today I'm telling you two stories about Christmas trees... My Vlog Channel: *NEW* 80's Weird Side Sweaters: NEW Un

DO NOT Play These Scary Sleepover Games ...

Today I'm going to be talking about some paranormal sleepover games that you should NEVER play! Harmony Nice's Video: Her channel:

My Teacher Made Me Eat Out Of The Garbage | Storytime

Today I'm telling you a story about something a teacher put me through when I was in school... Annoying Teddy Website:

The Stairs In The Woods Phenomenon Everyone Is Worried About

Today I'm telling you guys all about the stairs in the woods phenomenon that seems to be going around the internet as a viral story... NEW Glowing Aliens: http

Creepiest Things Starbucks Customers Have Done

Today I'm going to be telling some TRUE stories sent in by Starbucks employees talking about the creepiest customers they've had! My Vlog Channel: https://goo.

The Shocking History Behind My Cursed Necklace

Today's video is about the entire history of the cursed necklace I was given! NEW Spring & Summer Merch: NEW Merch Website: https://jessi

A Video FULL Of Unheard Storytimes From My Life

Today I decided to answer some of your questions with a bunch of mini storytimes from my life! If you'd like me to start doing this more often let me know! My

Have You Heard About The Doors That Lead To Nowhere?

Today we're finally continuing the "It's Near You Series". This episode is about the strange places and things you can find in California... Tickets for the me

Using A Ghost Detector In My Haunted House!

Today my sister Mandii and I decided to try out different ghost detector apps in my house seeing as we usual get a lot of paranormal activity happening here. We

NEVER Accidentally Step Inside A Fairy Circle

Today we are continuing the phenomena series! This episode is about fairy rings and other strange things in this world.... YANA Form To Download & Print For Yo

Creepiest Things Kids Have Said To Babysitters

Today I'm telling you guys some TRUE stories from babysitters that have looked after some creepy kids. Here's what they said! My Vlog Channel:

The Disturbance On My Plane | Storytime

Today's storytime is about my horrible plane trip this past weekend! My Vlog Channel: Younow: Spring Surprise Pa

Storytime: My Realistic Baby Doll Is BREATHING (With Picture) Sub Story #4

Today's subscriber story theme is dolls... Giveaway video: My Vlog Channel: Younow: www.youn

The Creepiest 5 Word Stories

Here are some of the creepiest 5 word stories! New Moot Video: Christmas Surprise Pack: My Vlog Channel: h

Testing 99 Cent HALLOWEEN Products W/ My Boyfriend

I know Halloween is in October, but I love it so much that I wanted to start making Halloween-themed videos early lol Here's my boyfriend and I testing 99 Cent

Storytime: My Jessie Doll Did Something SCARY Last Night!

So last night my Jessie doll did something that really freaked Tye and I out! So I thought I'd tell you the story... My Backdrop Giveaway video: https://www.yo

DO NOT Open Your Fridge Past Midnight!

Here's why you should not open your fridge past midnight... Rosegal Black Friday: Lace Insert Faux Leather Bodycon Skirt:

This Place Should Not Exist & People Are Worried

Today's video consists of true stories where people have stumbled upon strange places in the world that should not exist... My Vee Vlogs Channel: https://www.y
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