The Spirit of a Strong Woman

The Spirit of a Strong Woman


What's YOUR definition of a Strong Woman? Let us know in the comments! Video Editor: Christian Motos Join us on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: LinkedIn: Instagram:

What makes a strong woman?

We asked our Facebook community, 'What makes a strong woman?'. We took some of their insightful responses and made it into a quote video. Hope you enjoy! Vide

What makes a STRONG WOMAN?

We asked the community what makes a strong woman. Here are their brilliant responses! Video Editor: Elizabeth Marino Join us on social media:

Extremely Powerful Spiritual Warfare Prayer

Please join me as I pray this powerful spiritual warfare prayer. God bless you!

How to Stop Overthinking and Give Yourself a Break

Ways on how to stop overthinking and give yourself a break. Pass this on. Video Editor: Kelsy Lua

Secrets of The World's Most Powerful Women | Forbes

Forbes Power Women reveal their greatest career lessons, obstacles, and advice for the next generation of women leaders. Subscribe to FORBES: https://www.youtu

Next time you're sad...

The next time you're sad, remember these things... Video Editor: Kelsy Lua

8 Attitudes Of Self-confident Women

To learn more about 8 Attitudes Of Self-confident Women, CLICK HERE: Our speech on this video is that a good attitude t

Know Your Worth!

Tired of being PUT DOWN? Know your worth! Wise words by Trent Shelton Video editor: Heath Robbins

What Kind of Romantic Partner Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

When it comes to relationships, everyone brings something different to the table. According to your Zodiac sign, here’s the type of person you are in a relati

The BIBLICAL Role Of A Woman - The BIBLE Truth - PART I

This may be one of the most controversial subjects of our day within society and the church. Yet...the Word of God is contextually and crystal clear on the top

"Strong Woman Song" by All Our Relations Métis Drum Circle

All Our Relations Métis Drum Circle performing the "Strong Woman Song".

What is True Beauty in a Woman?

Inspiring video of the many facets of a woman Video Editor: Kelsy Lua

How to: Deal With Toxic People You Can't Get Rid of

Do you have to face a toxic person that is a part of your daily life? Helene shares her tips on how to deal with them while protecting your energy. Video Edit

Proverbs 31 - The Prophesied Woman of Strength

Proverbs 3 has become the pin up poster, the hallmark of the so - called "Godly woman." But what if it was fashioned for more, what if the picture of the woman

Free Audio|| "What it means to be strong..."

Hi loves! So I've been listening to a lot of free audios lately, and have been editing them. I wanted to make an Audio myself! About the Audio: The voice you

Strong women are sensitive souls

Strong women are sensitive souls Video Editor: Heath Robbins

10 Rules Strong Women Live By

10 rules strong women live by. Who's a strong woman you know? Video Editor: Kelsy Lua

great women of the bible

this video I created is dedicated to all the women in the world ..some of the greatest women God used was for his great purpose for in his plans he needed as we

What It Means to Be A Strong Woman

Strong women do these things you know someone like this? Like us of Facebook:

Being Single, Christian, & Upholding Standards

Hi guys! I hope this video helps you to stay motivated and encouraged! You are not in this alone :) Give this video a thumbs up if you want to see more advice/t
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