Journey through Creativity - TVPaint 25th Anniversary

Journey through Creativity - TVPaint 25th Anniversary

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To celebrate the company's 25th anniversary, TVPaint Développement produced a short film called "Journey Through Creativity". The piece was single-handedly designed, animated, and directed by Tévy Dubray, a twenty-two-year-old French-Cambodian animator. Tévy's work came to our attention when she participated in a summer internship at the company in 2014. Her animation is paired with the music of Louis Warynski (aka Chapelier Fou), an electronic musician from our hometown of Metz, France. As a gift to our users, the majority of the short's files created in TVPaint Animation 11 will be made available this summer on our website ! -------------------------------------------------------- Tévy Dubray: Louis Warynski (aka Chapelier Fou): TVPaint Développement: To speak with other users of the software, join the active community of users on our discussion boards:

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