Device-Level VPN vs Per-App VPN

Device-Level VPN vs Per-App VPN


In today's world of enterprise mobility, Virtual Private Networks are still very much in use and allow remote employees to connect securely to the network from the outside. The first solution was to create device-level VPNs, meaning everything that happens on the mobile device happens through the VPN tunnel. But are there reasons today why you might want something better for your mobile devices? That's why you need Mocana's Mobile App Protection or MAP as your enterprise mobility solution. MAP provides true per app vpn so only a few corporate apps have secure tunnels back to the enterprise. And with MAP you can secure both iOS and Android apps, select multiple VPN gateways, and do so with or without an MDM solution in place. MAP. It gives your extended mobile enterprise the security it needs to grow. And it's only from Mocana.

VPN - Virtual Private Networking

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