Shipping Crates

Shipping Crates

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A video showing how I build and pack crates for shipping furniture. This video includes shipping both ground and freight, both in wood crates.

How to build a shipping crate

Learning how to build a shipping crate is essential if you are in the business of selling products outside of your home town. It is so important that you take t

The Witcher's Wooden Alchemy Chest // Woodworking Build

DIY build of a traditional hand cut joinery wooden chest inspired by the Witcher fantasy series. I’m a huge fan of the Witcher series, so when I came across a

CNC Engraving Makers Mark

Engraving my makers mark on the inside of the back of my fly fishing display cases using a CNC.

How to Ship Furniture Fast and Easy

Now it is easier than ever to ship furniture. Now you can sell furniture online and ship it in a few easy steps! Make $1000+ selling furniture online!

Fancy Leg Joinery: Worth It?

While building a small welding table, I decided to try out a different joinery technique for the table base. This is my attempt at doing some unconventional joi

DIY/ Wooden gift box

Hi, Today i'll show you how to make wooden gift box. Subscribe my channel :)

How to Pack a Sculpture for Shipping

Step-by-step tutorial on how to pack a marble sculpture to prepare it for safe shipping. Bill Phair of Arnoff Moving & Storage expertly guides you through the p

Making a mega container crate, To optamize the container volume, we had no choice but to make our own container create.

Export Furniture Wrapping

How to safely export pack furniture

Building A $27 Coffee Table WITH STORAGE!

Our friend needed some storage in her wee apartment so this is what we made for her.

How To Build A Storage Chest | Indoor | Great Home Ideas

Join Peter as he shows you how to build a basic storage chest. Welcome to the official Great Home Ideas channel, the destination for all your DIY, Food, Garden,

DIY Shipping Crate Coffee Table!

Shipping Crate Coffee Table! I walk you through the process of making a small coffee table with inside storage out of some pallets and scraps I had lying aroun

Turn a free shipping pallet into a large garden wooden planter box

How to make a garden planter box with free wood material you get from disassembling a shipping pallet. Wooden shipping pallet are free everywhere, because compa

Old Video, WATCH MY NEW STUFF IT IS WAY BETTER Build a Box Upside Down - Perfect Fitting Lids

In this build video, we build a box upside down as one piece and in one of the final steps we cut the lid free. The result is a perfect fitting lid every time.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN BEDFRAME! DIY Crate and Pallet Bed Frame - Pinterest Inspired

Welcome to my channel! This is my very first video, so let me know what you think down below! I used these crates that I found at a garage sale, they were made

How To Assemble A You Crate® Shipping Crate

With You Crate™ shipping solutions, shipping and storing your items has never been so easy! We will deliver specially designed crates,

Heavy Duty Wood Crates

ULINE Heavy Duty Wood Crates In Stock: "Vault-like" protection for your export shipments.

Cedar Lee Tutorial: How to Build a Shipping Crate for Art

Here is a step-by-step tutorial for how to build a wooden shipping crate for a large-scale painting.

How to Crate & Ship Large Objects - Maker 101

Need to ship something big? Hopefully this video will save you from making some of the mistakes I have made. Reclaimed Audio Podcast!! (iTunes and everywhere e

Simple OSB storage Boxes

ENG: I made these boxes to replace some hauling boxes I had in my room, which I used to store bits and pieces, but didn't like. I chose OSB, both because I like
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