Mandeep Kaur: Junior World Boxing Champion | Unique Stories From India

Mandeep Kaur: Junior World Boxing Champion | Unique Stories From India


Tucked away in the town of Chakar, Ludhiana, this unassuming girl packs quite the punch, literally. Mandeep was fascinated with boxing ever since her brother started playing the sport as a child. At first, when she asked her parents if she could go play with him, her mother was sceptical. She was afraid a punch would ruin her face. As it turned out, those fears were unfounded. With a natural flair for the sport, Mandeep went from victory to victory, not losing even losing a single bout till she won the Junior World Boxing Championship in Taiwan in 2017. Next, she's set her sights on the Asian Games. Don't get in her way, it could really hurt. Outside the metros and beyond the urban jungle live the sons and daughters of India’s heartland. This series tells their stories. 101 Heartland celebrates both unique communities and individual tales of hope, struggle, and reform. From the village of bouncers just outside Delhi to the fascinating story of Ram Kumar Tyagi, once a wanted man but now a coach for aspiring female wrestlers, 101 Heartland tells stories for the heart, from the heartland. Subscribe to our channel : Like us on Facebook : Follow us on Twitter : Follow us on Instagram : Website :

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