Paragliding Trump protester arrested

Paragliding Trump protester arrested


(CNN)Police in Scotland have arrested the paragliding protester who was able to get surprisingly close to President Donald Trump on Friday night as the President visited his Turnberry golf resort. In a statement, Police Scotland said a 55-year-old man has been charged and will appear in Ayr Sheriff Court on Monday. After the President arrived at his Turnberry resort, the paraglider, a Greenpeace activist, flew by the President with a banner that read, "TRUMP, WELL BELOW PAR #RESIST," and then managed to escape. This video was produced by YT Wochit Vote It using

Paragliding Launch Tips - Windy Takeoffs for low-airtimers

Lowland paragliding involves using meteo-wind pushing against a hill, and thermals to fly. The wind hits the hill and lifts up over it and it is in this lifting

***Mirrored*** No crime, refuse to ID. Tempe Police harassment

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Donald Trump vows lawsuit as Scottish Government approves wind farm

American billionaire Donald Trump has vowed to launch a "lawsuit" after the Scottish Government gave the go-ahead to an offshore wind farm near his Scottish gol


Natural Sound King Abdullah of Jordan began his first visit to Britain since succeeding to the throne after the death of his father from cancer in February.

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump is officially welcomed to Seoul, Republic of Korea.

President Trump and first lady in an arrival ceremony Blue House, Seoul, Republic of Korea. Nov 7 2017. 장 트럼프와 첫 여성에 도착식 파란 하우

LSOP in Action: Laurel Parashoot

For our October Get Your Science On event at the College of Natural Science Learning Community we decided to channel our inner child again and play with a 30-fo

Anti-Trump protest through Wisbech as the American President lands in the UK | Wisbech Standard

As the American President continues his tour of the UK, Donald Trump’s arrival in the country hasn’t been welcomed by everyone. Full story: www.wisbechstan

We Have More Info On The Presidential Motorcade's New Satcom Packing Super Truck

We Have More Info On The Presidential Motorcade's New Satcom-Packing Super Truck Subscribe HERE For More News: Read Original Source Here:ht

Trump Turnberry - A Luxury Collection Resort, Ayrshire | Vlog by Holly Paton

Check Holly's new (and first ever) vlog for the Trump Turnberry Resort on the Ayrshire coast. ** Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more: ht

This man had entire life savings seized by police

Michael Sanchez-Ratliff embarked on a cross-country road trip that he hoped would change his life. It did, but not in the way he imagined. During a traffic stop

Ding dong, census calling!

Worrying that the census guy, when collecting so many personal details, is unwilling to disclose his own in order to verify his identity.... Still, at least I h

LIVE: US President Trump arrives in Helsinki for Summit with Putin

Subscribe to our channel! United States President Donald Trump arrives at the Helsinki airport on Sunday, July 15, on the eve of the historic

Paragliding terrain and airflow around it

This is a little simulation done with SolidWorks and Flow Simulation. It represents our local paragliding hill: Vrsac Hill in Serbia where we regularly fly. Con

Rahul Gandhi Live : Rahul Gandhi Addresses Public Meeting in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh |Election Campaign

RahulGandhi Live : Rahul Gandhi Addresses Public Meeting in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh Election Campaign #RahulGandhiBilaspur Rahul Gandhi are constantly attacking e

President Trump Motorcade heads to Capitol Hill to meet with Republicans

President Trump heads to Capitol Hill to meet with Republicans in advance of votes on immigration reform. The president claimed earlier today passage of a refor

Thousands stage anti-Trump protests in the U.K.

It seems where U.S. President Donald Trump goes, protest follow. Pam Seatle with the latest anti-Trump demonstrations across the U.K.

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Trump Rally Mob Scene: Trump Threatens, Encourages Violence

On the order of Donald Trump and hundreds of his fervent supporters, police officers threatened protesters with arrest if they did not leave the the Flynn Theat


Watch as the largest aircraft in the United States Air Force (USAF) inventory arrives and departs from Prestwick Airport in Scotland, bringing in support for th

Police Fill Elevator Silence With Sick Beats

Using just their bodies, this New Zealand police force showed off their musical skills.
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