Stowaway death: 22-year-old man found dead after four days in plane's landing gear

Stowaway death: 22-year-old man found dead after four days in plane's landing gear


Sign up for a free trial of News Direct's animated news graphics at For story suggestions please contact [email protected] The body of a Georgian man was found on Thursday in the landing gear of an Airbus A-330 at a Moscow airport shortly after the plane arrived from Rimini, Italy. According to reports, the man, 22-year-old Georgian national Giorgio Abduladze, was wearing only shorts and a t-shirt when he climbed into the right landing gear of an I Fly Airbus. The plane took off in the evening, headed to Moscow's Vnukovo Airport. When a plane reaches high altitude, the temperature can drop to around -50 Celsius degrees and oxygen becomes scarce. Stowaway passengers hiding outside the pressurized cabin have little chance of survival and often die from hypothermia and anoxia, lack of oxygen. After landing in Moscow's Vnukovo airport at around 1 a.m., the plane was subject to a post-landing inspection and Abduladze's body was discovered on the gear. According to reports, identifying documents were found in his pockets. A preliminary investigation suggests the body was there for four days and made several flights, RT reported.

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