Best FST-7 Finisher for HUGE Shoulders - Cable Lateral Raise

2014-09-15 6 0 2,757 YouTube

Follow me on Instagram: More about me: The aim of FST-7 is to stretch the fascia for bigger gains. At the end of the workout, you simply pick an isolation exercise for the target muscle group and do it for 7 sets of 10-12 reps. Between the sets you rest for about 30 to 45 seconds. I highly recommend stretching the muscle between the sets to increase the time under tension. For shoulders, I prefer CABLE LATERAL RAISE. It helps me to squeeze and flex the whole target area. I don't use the handle, I grab the cable itself. In this way, I can raise my elbow upwards so that the lateral head is completely isolated. The lateral head is the most important part of the deltoids because it gives that width you are looking for to your shoulders. FST7 works great for delts so don't forget to give this a try. FST7 shoulder delt boulder My Facebook: