Man Crates - finding a weak spot

Man Crates - finding a weak spot


Got a Man Crate from my sister and her husband for my 40th birthday this week. It comes in a duct tape wrapped box and includes a tiny little crowbar with which to open it. It's probably filled with gag gifts like WD-40 or Rogaine, but there's only one way to find out - by prying it open, hopefully with this silly little crowbar but with bigger tools if I fail.

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Don't know what to get for the men in your life? Man Crates are wooden crates full of goodies he will definitely appreciate. AJ and Andy have a look at two of t

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Get a behind-the-scenes look at how one man, one thousand dollars, and one crazy idea became the greatest men's gift company in the world. Check out Man Crate

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I was a groomsman this past weekend in a college roommate's wedding. He gave us Man Crates! Super fun. It comes packed in a crate, and you don't know what's in

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Man Crates believes men deserve better gifts. Gifts that stir a primal craze of chest bumps and cheers, not polite half-smiles. Gifts as exciting to give as th

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http://www.DadDoes.Com Looking for a gift for a guy. Forget gift baskets with their bows, ribbons and wrapping. Give a guy a crate...a Man Crate. Yes, we are

Homeless Man Cries Tears Of Joy Over Surprise Birthday Gift

We will deliver another backpack on your behalf every month! Click here!

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I received this as a birthday gift from a friend. I had no clue what it was, but it came with a crowbar, and had Man Crates branded on the box. I checked out t

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I didn't know what I was opening. I was just told it was a Valentine's Day gift. It looked like a box of flowers and I was very confused. But, Surprise, It's Me

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WTF? Someone sent a "Man Crate" to my house?!

An anonymous package arrived at my door today. It wasn't until an hour ago that I was able to identify the culprits.

Shipping Crates

A video showing how I build and pack crates for shipping furniture. This video includes shipping both ground and freight, both in wood crates.

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How to make wood storage crates. full instructions and drawings coming soon to for project updates follow me on Instagram: https://www.



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Check out the video of my "Man Crate" birthday gift from my wife! It's a pretty cool deal - you get a wooden crate and a mini-crowbar and basically a "have fun

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This is my new subscription box known as Gadget Crate, it's a bi-monthly crate full of awesome consumer tech! It's a new project of mine and I'm testing to see

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Ender 3D Printer Promo: Promo code GBEnder3 I have made a mini

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Man Crates makes awesome gifts for men. We curate gift collections for every type of guy and seal them inside wooden crate, ammo cans, cigar boxes, and more!

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Uncertified Cheep Security Door

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hello guys today im going to show you how to take your bmx cranks off. thanks for watching subscribe

Wooden Crate Grand Opening

There’s nothing convenient about a sturdy, wooden Man Crate firmly sealed with ill-intentions. This crate will frustrate even the most patient of men to the b