SLEEP ASMR MASSAGE to KOREAN CUSTOMER | ASMR BARBER MASSAGE(head massage, ear massage, back massage)

SLEEP ASMR MASSAGE to KOREAN CUSTOMER | ASMR BARBER MASSAGE(head massage, ear massage, back massage)

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Hi its me anil cakmak your asmr barber. This is a sleep asmr massage to korean customer video. Inc. асмр barber massage, head massage, ear massage ASMR MASSAGE by Barber Tolga ⚜️ Link: 21 Jul 2019 On the massage chair is my korean costumer from south korea. He came for the chair massage. I did asmr massage, head massage, scalp massage, face massage, ear massage, neck massage, back massage and hair washing. He liked the massage therapy. He also watches asmr for sleep. He has not anxiety or insomnia but he just likes to watch asmr. Massage therapy is good for your health and beauty. Takes care of your skin care. Massage is not luxery ;) Our Fellow Channel: ASMR Ist Link: ______ PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE, THANK YOU :) ______ Thank you for 202.000 SUBS. ______ For any sponsorhip and advertisement: ______ MY LATEST VIDEOS: Mar 11, 2019: Mar 10, 2019: Mar 9, 2019: Mar 7, 2019: Mar 6, 2019: Mar 5, 2019: _______ INSTAGRAM: anil_ckmk


MY INSTAGRAM @NOMADBARBER Super relaxing ASMR shave, massage and shampoo from Auntie, a lady barber from Taipei in Taiwan! For more ASMR video's check out http

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Del paso por India! en Pushkar... inolvidable experiencia con BABA, el Barbero Cósmico y su Masaje Cósmico! relato completo de Jaipur, Pushkar y mas en mi bl

ASMR Turkish Barber Face,Head and Upper Body Massage 125 (26 Mins) 💆‍♂️👍💈💈

Hey Guys. Thanks for 36K subs and 19M views. Here is a new asmr massage video for you. In this video you see Barber Numan massages The one and only Anil. Thanks

Best shoe shine in Denver | ASMR | POV | Cole Haan Boots

| Best Shoe Shine in Denver | Back in the Early Days of #ShineBoy he had his friend Tony [ugly socks dude] hold a cell phone and record the process of the Shoe

40 Min No Talking ASMR 😴 Ear Massage Variety Pack 💆

.* Time stamps *. 00:00 Plain ear massage (ear touching, tapping, stroking) 02:21 Ear cleaning with feather ear pick with gentle ear touching ~ and some quiet

5 Essential oils Gua Sha head massage with neck cracking by Reiki Master Indian Massage

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ASMR Turkish Barber Anil cakmak Massage (Head massage+Hair wash +15,000 Subscriber special video)#36

15.000 Aboneye ulaştık değerli abonelerime çok teşekür ederim saygılar sevgiler 😊👍 Şifalı Türk Masajı Price / Fiyat = 50 Tl /30 Dk www.insta

💈 Classic Old Time Wet Shave by the Guardian Angel of Route 66 – Seligman AZ

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IN HONOR OF BABA SEN / ASMR MASSAGE(Scalp Massage, Back Massage, Head Massage)

My name is Anıl Çakmak. I'm barber n Turkey/Istnbul. Nowdays i prepare(tingle/trigger)(wellness, care, beauty, fitness)videos for Youtube. I do Asmr, asmr mas

Asmr HAİRCUT NO TALKİNG BY NUMAN(hair trimmer sounds,Scissors,Razor)

Hi friends, I've taken a special sheet metal cut video for you, I hope you like it. Thank you for your support, good entertainment,NO TALKİNG,GREAT HAİRCUT(Su

Master Cracker Head and Shoulder Massage with Neck and Hair Cracking | Indian Massage

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Mustard oil Tok-Sen Massage therapy for relaxation by Reiki Master | Indian Massage

Now, don't be surprised by the title when I say "Mustard oil". Long before we invented moisturizes and sunscreen, we are using mustard and coconut oil to keep o

3 hours ASMR head spa and massage to men

3 hours ASMR head spa and massage to men SWITCHSCISSORS


Hi guys, It's me anil cakmak ur asmr barber. You will watch asmr barber massage to my sub. from spain. Inc. asmr head massage and asmr ear massage ***🔥💈

world best scalp and head massage

scalp and head massage

ASMR TURKISH BARBER MASSAGE (Razor Haircut, Head Massage, Shoulder Massage, Hair Wash)#54

My name is Anıl Çakmak. I'm a turkish barber in turkey istanbul. I do asmr massage also. My massages contain back massage, head massage, shoulder massage, ha

💈 - ASMR - Traditional italian barber - Face scrub, face shave with straight razor and face massage

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SWAG & Attitude special head massage | neck cracking by Indian barber | Funny ASMR for Sleep

Asim barber gave the massage to dipak and just look at his attitude it's very funny but the massage was really awesome and felt so relaxing. I hope you will als

ASMR Cosmic Barber Baba Sen's Cosmic Head Massage | Travel Series 2018 Video 15

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