Fastest Man In The World ! Run At 70 km/h Will Be Possible Thanks To Bionic Boots

Fastest Man In The World ! Run At 70 km/h Will Be Possible Thanks To Bionic Boots

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Fastest Man In The World ! Run At 40 mph (70 km/h) Is Possible Thanks To A New Bionic Boots. Fastest Man in the World ! or to be fastest man on earth or in planet It makes you dream to be faster ? For the moment, Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world at 27 mph . But in a very close future. you would run faster than Usain Bolt. You will even be able to run at 70 km/h very soon. You will be the fastest man int he world you too. A Science fiction dream ? Not anymore. It used to take $6 million to create a bionic man - now all it takes are Bionic Boots . Invented by bartender Keahi Seymour, Bionic Boots allow humans to run at speeds that far exceed our normal limits. Seymour can hit 24 mph in the Boots. That's close to world's fastest runner Usain Bolt's top speed of 27 mph, but only a fraction of the speed of the animal that inspired the Boots in the first place: the ostrich. Which, you may be surprised to know, has a top speed of 43 miles per hour. The Bionic Boot was featured at Worlds Fair Nano this year, alongside a host of other incredible gadgets. But in a very close future, he think he can reach a speed of 40 mph (70 km/h). How much will the Bionic Boots cost? That’s the million-dollar question that everyone wants to know. Initially, it will have to be higher priced, like a high-end mountain bike. That’s because it uses specific aircraft grade aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber. I will also eventually want to have different price-point versions: A high-end version, a medium-priced version, and a lower-priced version, all using different materials. Become The Fastest Man In The World is really possible. Enjoy the video ! Please like and share the video with your friends. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching !

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This movie features the Bionic Boot X17 concept prototype. The Bionic Boot is a device for Recreation/Low Impact Fitness and Personal Transport. Currently on


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