Scary TV Logos

Scary TV Logos


1. The Viacom V of doom 2. Lorimar 3. The NBC peakock (brouth to you in living colour) 4. Mark VII Limited 5. Hanna Barbera 6. Simitar 7. Worldvision 8. UBU Productions/Paramount Television 9. Metromedia television 11 10. NET 11. RubbieSpears Enterprises 12. Saban Productions 13. The Maltese companies 14. Desilu ("Mission Inpossible") 15. 20th Century FOX Television 16. ZIV-United Artists 17. The Viacom pinball 18. MPC 19. The Screen Gems S from Hell 20. The Paramount Closet killer 21. The Children's television workshop CTW snake 22. Genesis Entertainment 23. Wesis Golbal Enterprises 24. ITC Entertainment 25. Dick Clark productions 26. Daystar/United Artists Television 27. PBS 28. The NBC Snake Remember these scary logo when you was a little kid?


The Most Unsettling, Creepy TV and Film Logos Of All Time

Hideous, loud, unsettling, spooky, or just bad. These may have scared you as a kid after TV shows, or before movies. This is a compilation of logos that just ar

CGI Animated Short Film: "Chimera" by ESMA | CGMeetup

CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Chimera / Chimère Animated Short Film by Marc-Antoine Beineix, Kevan Canavar, Thibaud Chantrel, Yanis Levostre, Tahar Medjahed, Kei

10 HIDDEN Images in Famous Logos!

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Logos in Reverse

Logos in reverse (except Intel)

Top 10 ugliest/cheesiest logos

This my top 10 ugliest/cheesiest logos. For a logo to be ugly or cheesy it has to have bad animation, look bad and the color scheme has to not match. I have bee

CBS Logo History (1949-present)

From the creators of CBS Television Studios Logo Bloopers comes WTRUCinemation's 34th Logo History video, "CBS Logo History (1949-present)"! (C)2017 WTRU-Cinem

CREEPIEST Abandoned Amusement Parks!

Check out the creepiest abandoned amusement parks! This top 10 list of scary and haunted theme parks has some of the scariest and mysterious places on earth!

Oddity Archive: Episode 23 - Scary Logos (and other Nostalgic Video Terrors)

For those of the TV and Video(tape) generations, end logos (rather inexplicably) tended to scare a lot of us--but why? Also, we'll take a look at some other no

Yet another edit of the retro-futuristic motion logos

This video was compiled as research for the intro sequence for an upcoming project, FeedBlast:

School Lockdown Stories Animated

This is an animation I made from Mr. Nightmare's Video: '3 Creepy True School Lockdown Stories' You can watch the rest of the stories here:

TCB Logos

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

He'll Wait For You- Short Film

HEY GUYS! I hope y'all enjoy this film, I worked on it with a friend named Natalie and we entered it in a state competition and I figured I'd post it here as we

Brookwell McNamara Entertainment Logo History

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Top 12 Scariest Logos From My Childhood

These are ONLY from my childhood! I didn't watch Russian TV, so no ВИD..... I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

MrDIRECTOREIGHT's Top 10 Scary Logos

This is my third time reuploading this. YouTube likes to really give me a hard time. Anyway, after researching that there are many scary logos around, I decided

12 Famous Logos With a Secret Meaning

A logo is the face of a brand, and we often buy this or that item because its “face” is well-known to the world. Come on, don’t deny it! As for the best l

TV Tropes Scary Logos

This is my Halloween special for 2016. These are all the logos where I could find videos from the TV Tropes Nightmare Fuel for Logos (Vanity Plates). Here is t

Old TV And Video Logo's 2

This is another compilation of vintage television and vhs logo's I put together. Enjoy this flood of nostalgia.

Top 10 scariest public television logos

This is my top 10 scariest public television logos. This list has public television logos which if you dont know what they are they are stations connected with

SnowflakesOmega's Top 30 Scariest Home Video Logos

Be sure to read the intro before the actual feature presentation. More scary logo videos coming up! Inspired by many other users. I'll give credit to the people
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