Traditional Manchu Archery of the Qing Imperial Guard

Traditional Manchu Archery of the Qing Imperial Guard


Martial arts teacher and archer Scott M. Rodell walks the viewer through the essential body mechanics of traditional Manchu archery technique. For more information on traditional Manchu archery, visit: Editing and GFX: Borderline: A Media Company Music and Mixing: Simon Cohen

Archery FAQ: How to start with Thumb Release?

As many asked me and many struggle at the beginning. Don't give up, follow some easy steps and you will soon shoot like Ghengis Khan himself :D Please subscribe

Tatiana Segina v Berengere Schuh – recurve women’s gold final | Nimes 2013

Uncut Match of the 2010 European Tournament of archery in Nimes (FRA). Recurve Women Ind. Gold

Jaguh dunia kuasai teknik memanah Mamluk

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South Korean Female Archers Are The Best in the World

South Korea has won every women’s team title at the Olympic Games since it was introduced in 1988. Four years after its debut, in 1992, matchplay was introduc

China's Manchu Archery

A fun short I put together on shooting traditional Chinese Manchu archery. Thanks to my martial arts teacher, Scott M. Rodell, for his kind help on this projec

Thinking About Getting An Asiatic Bow?

Jie and Justin share some tips and insights about how to select a bow you can use for Chinese and Asiatic archery (thumb ring shooting). More info: http://thew

Archery - A Beginner Practise Shooting (24 July 2010 @ Ulsan, South Korea)

A training session by Coach Hwang at Munsu International Archery Centre in Ulsan. This is the venue for the 2009 World Championship.

USA v Turkey – compound junior women’s team gold final | Nimes 2014

United States of America vs Turkey Want more from this event ? Watch all Archery Fan Reporter videos : Check out all Flash Interview :

Panduan Dasar Memanah (Part 1) - Adab-Adab Dalam Memanah by Coach "Ibo" Komunitas PAZ

Memanah adalah Olahraga Sunnah yang diajarkan oleh Nabi Muhammad SAW, dalam video ini akan diajarkan bagaimana Teknik Dasar Memanah, Tutorial Belajar Memanah ya

Archery: The Revival Of Ottoman Archery Techniques

Gökmen Altinkulp reveals his passion for archery. In this video, we get to see a real life depiction of the warriors described in historic sources. Altinkulp d

Archery barebow technique

Archery technique

Chinese Ancient Deadliest Weapons- How to make military bows | More China

During the war between the Liao and the Song (979-1004), the place where our Yinan County is located was a battlefield. He is the representative inheritor of La

Extraordinary techniques in Turkish archery: Jarmakee and Majra

Turkish archery is unique in many aspects. It has had remarkable influences on "Saracen Archery" through the Turkish mercanaries employed in early Islamic armie

Shè Dào: The Way of Archery in China | Archery News

Archery has been pivotal in Chinese Culture for over 3000 years. Footage courtesy the Centre for Chinese Ritual Studies, Tsinghua University and Jiali Hall. Arc



How to Hold a Bow Using the Mongolian or Thumb Release

Here is how I perform the Mongolian draw or thumb draw. It's my way of doing it that works for me. While I show using the thumb as a rest for traditional bows t

70 m Shot - Traditional Archery - by Kris16Gray Archery

Shooting at longer distances such as 30 m, 50 m, and 70 meters with a longbow. The bow is a 50# Falco Spirit Carbon Longbow

The Making of a Traditional Bow

This is a short video highlighting the steps in shaping one of our traditional bows. Hand made since 1938 Martin/Damon Howatt bows have been trusted for genera
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