Know How... 17: Get Free HDTV

Know How... 17: Get Free HDTV


Get HD television shows with an over-the-air antenna! You'll get the know how to cut the cord entirely and you'll still be able to watch sports and live events! We're getting HD television over the air! Why? So we can completely cut the cord and still watch live events like sports and award shows. To pick an antenna, our favorite tool is . It gives you an incredible amount of data in one location. It might appear complex, but give it a read. Alternatively, you can check out . It's a little more user friendly, but has less data. The antenna we used is the Channel Master CM 4228 8-bay HDTV/UHF Antenna CM4228HD . It allowed us to get signals from 40 miles out from the transmitter towers in the city. Use TVFool's information to direct your antenna. The right column shows where you should point your antenna. Directionality is super-important when you're far away from the transmitters. If you're in a city, it might be much easier to get signals in general. Use a compass or compass app to find the right direction. iOS Pick | Android Pick When you're using coax cables from your antenna to your tuner, use the shortest length of cable you can find as signal quality degrades over the length of the cable. We like using the HDHomeRun since it allows us to keep the tuner close to the antenna with short cables and then using our home network to carry the signals. E-mail: I just watched the video regarding making calls w/o a cell phone and wanted to make a suggestion regarding's cool to do this on a Nexus 7, etc but I bought a used Android phone on e-bay and set up Google Voice. i don't have carrier service, just use wifi and the Groove-IP app. Works great. - Nikkie Download or subscribe to this show at . Contribute to our show! Send us an email at [email protected] or leave us a voicemail at 408-800-KNOW (408-800-5669). Thanks to Cachefly for the bandwidth for this show.

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