Things You Didn't Realize You Forgot Until Today

Things You Didn't Realize You Forgot Until Today

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amazon scams Amazon scams Story

Today my sister Mandii and I are looking through a bunch of old photos of things that we grew up with. You may have forgotten about these things until today! The Nostalgia is real! My Vee Vlogs Channel: Moot’s Channel: My Sister’s Channel: My Mom’s Channel: My Social Media: Instagram: @Jessiivee Twitter: @JessiiVee Facebook: Snapchat: jessiiveesnaps Follow my inspirational YANA Instagram: @yana_group Click here to become an official channel member: (You get a unicorn badge) My Merch Website: PO BOX: Jessii Vee #57012 Brampton, Ontario Canada L6Z 0E7

DISTURBING Things We Found In Kids Movies

Here are some disturbing things my sister and I found in kids movies Support Me On Patreon: My Vlog Channel: Yo

The Stairs In The Woods Phenomenon Everyone Is Worried About

Today I'm telling you guys all about the stairs in the woods phenomenon that seems to be going around the internet as a viral story... NEW Glowing Aliens: http

NEVER Leave Your Christmas Tree On Past Midnight

Today I'm telling you two stories about Christmas trees... My Vlog Channel: *NEW* 80's Weird Side Sweaters: NEW Un

My Crazy Roommate Faked Her Death

Today's story is about the time my crazy roommate faked her death! Day's Video: Canadian Tour Poll: PO BOX:

My Subscribers Drew Their Nightmares AGAIN (Part 2)

Since you guys loved part one so much, I decided to make a part two so more of you got a chance to send me your drawings! My Merch Website: https://jessiiveeme

Trying GROSS Candy From The 1920s

Today my friend Matt and I are trying 1920's candy lol PO BOX: #57012 Brampton, Ontario Canada L6Z 0E7 Shop My Merch:

I Met The RUDEST Salesman | Storytime

Today I'm telling you a story about the rudest car salesman I've ever met.... *NEW* 80's Weird Side Sweaters: NEW Notification Narwhal Pl

The Shocking History Behind My Cursed Necklace

Today's video is about the entire history of the cursed necklace I was given! NEW Spring & Summer Merch: NEW Merch Website: https://jessi

21 Things WRONG With High School Musical

Today we are going to be reviewing all of the things that didn't make sense in the High School Musical movie! *Vee Vlogs Channel* - Fol

DO NOT Play These Scary Sleepover Games ...

Today I'm going to be talking about some paranormal sleepover games that you should NEVER play! Harmony Nice's Video: Her channel:

I Paid People To Photoshop Me "Hotter"

Today I decided to make a little twist on a trending video. I hired people to photoshop me into my favourite mythical creatures! My Vee Vlogs Channel: https://

My Fiancé & I Had THE SAME Dream Last Night | Storytime

I can't believe that my fiancé Tye and I had the exact same dream last night! Today I'm telling you guys all about it! NEW Notification Narwhal Plushies: https

Why Is Nobody Talking About What Barbie Did?

Today I'm going to be talking about the history of Barbie dolls, but more specifically....some of the dark secrets! My Vee Vlogs Channel:

Make Sure You Never Read Your Child This Book

Today we're continuing out nostalgic series! This episode is about books we read as kids that unintentionally gave us nightmares... Virtual Meet & greet Ticket

16 Things WRONG With Tangled

Today I'm going to be talking about the 16 things wrong with the Disney movie Tangled! We're starting up this series again! Online Meet & Greet Link: https://f

My Subscribers Drew Their Nightmares | Reacting To Them

Today I'm reacting to some of the drawings that you sent in to me about your dreams...specifically nightmares! *Vee Vlogs Channel* - *NE

Please DO NOT Put These Paintings In Your House

Today's video is about haunted paintings from all over the world that you should not be putting up in your house for these reasons... The video I filmed on Dav

The CREEPIEST Amazon Reviews

Today my sister and I are looking at the creepiest amazon reviews! Meet & Greet Tickets: Follow my YANA Instagram: https://www.instagram
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