Guy Reaches Running Speed of 23.5 MPH

Guy Reaches Running Speed of 23.5 MPH

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This guy has a goal to reach a running speed of 24 mph. For months, he has been consistently training to reach his goal. He slowly walked up the top of the treadmill and began running as fast as he could reaching 23.5 mph. He didn't quite reach his goal leaving him frustrated but he was a step closer. Check Out Our Website: Subscribe For More Videos: Like Us On Facebook: Follow Us On Twitter: Hi and welcome to Daily Picks and Flicks – viral videos, funny pictures and odd news blog. We cover all the funny, interesting and strange stuff that is buzzing around the world. The weirder the better. Each day, we surf the web in an effort to find interesting, entertaining and unique videos, pictures and weird news stories. If you like what you find here, please recommend us to your friends. We already like you. To license any of the videos shown on Daily Picks And Flicks, visit Jukin Media at

The boy who can jump rope faster than anyone in the world

Cen Xiaolin, a 15-year-old high-school student from Guangzhou, south China's Guangdong Province, completed an “impossible challenge”, jumping faster than a

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Chinese magician A Gan and his buddy "Pokerface Man" are back with new tricks after this funny duo's viral video showing Pokerface Man revealing all the secrets


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Benefits of the TrueForm Runner

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Shaolin monk runs atop water for 118 meters

A monk from a Shaolin Temple in southeast China' s Fujian Province recently ran across the surface of a water reservoir for a total distance of 118 meters on Su

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Running on the Woodway Curve

The Woodway Curve Treadmill is a bit different compared to a normal treadmill. It is not motorized in any way and instead uses it's curature to harness the pull

World's Fastest Everything #7 - Insane Guinness World Records

Here are 10 World Records were people went above and beyond all expectations of whats physically possible! Here we take a look at a few people that completed cr

How to do Track Workouts on a Treadmill

Run Faster - Off Season Program Custom Online Coaching: S

Tiger Shroff's Hardcore Treadmill Workout At 16.2 KM/PH

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14 of The Funniest Running Styles Everyone runs differently but some people just make it look funny!

Why Your Body Is Built To Run Long Distances

Marathons are very popular all around the world, but were humans built for endurance running? Why Your Brain Hates Excercise ►►►►


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As the weather warms up and swimsuit season looms, many are looking to get in shape. For those lacing up their running shoes, the big question is do they run ou

Why It's Almost Impossible to Run 100 Meters In 9 Seconds | WIRED

Usain Bolt is "the world's fastest man" because he has the record for the 100 meter sprint at 9.58 seconds. But could runners go faster? WIRED's Robbie Gonzalez

Joe Warne 800m world record treadmill attempt 28.5km/h

The 800m world record is 28.5km/h for 1 min 41 secs. Here Joe lasted 1 min 17 secs, so splits were 50.5 secs at 400m, and 1.15 at 600m. He ran a total of 620m

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A man tries to run on a treadmill at the maximum speed

In China, a man tries to run on a treadmill after setting it to 25 km/h.

My 300lbs Weight Loss Left Me With 13lbs Of Loose Skin

SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: A MAN who shed an incredible 310 lbs after becoming morbidly obese has had 13 lbs of loose skin removed in a lif

fastest treadmill runner in the world | Running Speed of 23.9 MPH | luis badillo jr #2

fastest treadmill runner in the world | Running Speed of 23.9 MPH |luis badillo jr #2 🔴FITNESS MODELS VIDEOS:-

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